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  1. Chinese are investing heavily in cheap anti ship missiles. .supersonic wave height cruising tubes of high explosive and fuel Panzerknacker
  2. No doubt your lawyer has the measure of you and has his own hands balmed in man goo ready to counter your ring sweat ...and yes we are a band of utter cunts's on the family crest ..cuntus extremis Panzerknacker
  3. My brother is a lawyer in the city meeting him for lunch today ..he revels in his cuntishness and obscene expense account..he's a sound chap though after 5 pm and weekends Panzerknacker
  4. MC is a bit more interesting than the dross you spunk all over this place you spewer of spunk Panzerknacker
  5. I'd bet you have to take off your slippers to count to twenty Panzerknacker
  6. I only come on here for a bit of a laff n natter....this is place is a big part of your meaningless existence Panzerknacker
  7. Ya must have no life apey baby Panzerknacker
  8. I was stating fact...yours is just opinion Panzerknacker
  9. Lot of sitting MPs in Westminster would like to see that potential canary with a hole in his head. . .seeing as they're nearly partners in government Panzerknacker
  10. It'll be one of his own that offs him Panzerknacker
  11. It's like guys who constantly accuse others of being gay are usually raging cock monsters themselves Panzerknacker
  12. It's better than apes shitty music thing nom Panzerknacker
  13. Nom of faeces Panzerknacker
  14. He's a walking figure 11 he doesn't know it but the lads either side of him do Panzerknacker
  15. The smart shinners spent their time in jail in the library. .the dumb loyalists hit the gym. .upshot is we have two smart democratically elected mobs who made peace in exchange for 10 billion a year subsidy outa UK taxpayers interesting to see how much arleen squeezez out of mays tits Panzerknacker