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  1. I tire of this fuckery. I aim to dig more over the coming weeks, perhaps at the back this time.
  2. There's a synagogue about a mile away
  3. You can fuck off too A bloke should be able to dig a hole in his own garden, well into the early hours, without some chodes getting all fuckery about it. Anyway, I filled the cunt in after
  4. I dug quite a big hole out the front of the Rathaus today. The number of cunts who felt the need to comment defies belief. "Ooh we won't be seeing your wife any time soon eh?" "Run someone over have we?" "Seen any kangaroos?" Just fuck off will you.
  5. Saw a bit of a programme about ants. Random cunts seem to run around like crazy and yet adhere to some big plan. I bet if you stopped one of the little fuckers and asked what it was doing or what the plan was, the best you'd get would be some clicking noise. It's like Wrexham only in miniature.
  6. Good old Manky. This sort of spunk built the empire
  7. Loads of kids are called Jake and Ethan these days. It's like the fuckin Wild West. At least council estate scum are still using Carl although even that has mutated into Kyle in some cases. Bleuch!!
  8. Sorry Authoritah, see my post on spats. It'll take me weeks to get back to Potato Narnia after that
  9. Eh?

    I know no one likes me going normal on here, but today I flew an aircraft with spats. Fuckery barely covers it. Normal PARIS service to be PRAGUE resumed soon.
  10. I still tire of these cunts who say "Sean Connery really was the best Bond". Well when the mumbling jock was replaced by Moore and Live and Let Die was released, no one but NO ONE was saying that. The same chodes go on about liking a band's early stuff, by which they mean the inaccessible, shit stuff that didn't sell. Ah yes, you're really cool mate.
  11. Now that's actually plausible and my money's on Lt. Green. Sunbed tan, all his own hair, immaculate personal grooming. A faggot Mysteron. "Earthmen, we know you can queer us..."
  12. I'll see your weevil and raise you an oomycete
  13. they can elect to choose
  14. Yes but I managed to piss off my Steve by only asking him about working with Mike Oldfield
  15. you fucked up tuber