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  1. Chronicles of a Wheelchair User. Now fuck off
  2. not this shit again
  3. reported for spelling "fictional" correctly
  4. sitting on the fence yet again Rev? Put up or shut up you Libdem dog
  5. she's a weird shape Killer. I've got an easel with more curves than her
  6. I think we're in danger of believing you're a real person again Frank. CBT for both of us will be booked shortly old fiend
  7. they also wore tie dyed loons, which is cuntagonal
  8. In school we used to see who could piss the highest at the urinals. It was never televised or anything, but I can't imagine any females getting as high as me. Now if that Fiona Bruce wants more pay she knows where I am
  9. I'm better than this thread
  10. you miserable old dog
  11. They all take the piss out of you Frank and yet nourish your threads with their comments. You must chuckle to see everyone dancing to your tune old fiend.
  12. creatively I'd say you're in a purple patch. Donkey.
  13. As a family we've always had pets
  14. You're in one of your moods again Wizzo. Will you go green and your pants come off?
  15. Ah fuck! Mis-read your post and thought greasy Lionel Bart had come back to life and then got burned.