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  1. Ditto some of my lot Authoritah. Not Beth Ditto of course
  2. her "Shoah Shower Shuffle" was a disco classic Owen
  3. You see it a lot in working classes. Or holocaust survivors. Yes.
  4. I reckon the Germans released a sexual preference gas, which would have come out puffs no doubt. Still, they had proper rickets in those days, not that osteoporosis fuckery people moan about today.
  5. it was certainly a bit of a laugh Killer
  6. My Aunty Vi was raped by a Tiger tank. "Ratty" she said, "those 88mm were width you know....the fucker was way longer 'n that". Still, you had proper puffs in them day
  7. It's how I felt at my brother's funeral Authoritah
  8. Imagine if instead of 24 ration packs, our boys were issued with 24 hour Russian packs? Capers and shines'd be the order of the day for one and all.
  9. you infinite gill snuffler
  10. Lilies? In the Holy Land? You mammoth thatchmonger
  11. I bet the disciples went round with the bucket whilst Jesus was talking to the crowd about some such or the other
  12. My urethra's quite real thanks Authoritah
  13. poor white trash
  14. see that plinth next to you?