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  1. Well, if you're a bass player, we can cure every other cunts insomnia by talking about our bass,on second thoughts it will make them suicidal, so here goes... Marcus Miller (signed) bass and Phil Jones 2x4" 100w Bass Cub.
  2. Totally agree re: French cuisine. In fact, a hymn in appreciation is called for... All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small. All things wise and wonderful, The French cunts eat them all.
  3. Sums up Windoze perfectly.
  4. Putting on pedant's hat... Actually, Mary Banilow didn't write "Mandy" was originally written by Scott English who called it "Brandy". There was another song that Scott English wrote which would have been far more appropriate for the shirt lifter, aptly namely "Bend Me, Shape Me".
  5. Me!

    Yes, after careful consideration, I'm nominating myself (and I'm sure I'll get plenty of support for my nom)! Simple reason is, after hearing the news regarding Primodos, my first reaction was "Thank fuck for that...flads aren't a dying breed after all...still plenty of material to keep this site going!" Or have I been hanging around here for too long?
  6. I suffer from Zymocenosilicaphobia (as, I suspect, do a few others on here).
  7. Met a girl outside a pawnbrokers a few years back. She kissed me under the balls...
  8. FFS, it's DOCTOR Who, not NURSE Who!
  9. First nom... The OFCOM cunts who produced this report... The fuckers even got paid for doing it! Can anyone add to the list of 150 words and gestures? (I had to Google "Iberian slap"!).
  10. How do you milk sheep? Release the iPhone 7.
  11. I think this can be answered with reference to Hymns Ancient and Modern, specifically "All Things Bright and Beautiful"... All things bright and beautiful, All creatures great and small, All things wise and wonderful, The French will eat them all.
  12. Is the tree in Tranent? I only know this because I once knew (in the biblical sense*) a girl from Tranent (and I know why they're known colloquially as "belters"!). Takes me back to my misspent youth...Castlesound studios in Pencaitland, etc. *Sorry, forgot which forum I was on. Meant to say that I was shagging her in every fucking orifice. Oh, and Cliff is definitely a cunt...if only for the reason he was on TV saying he didn't approve of the commercialisation of Christmas. Next week the cunt released Mistletoe and Fucking Whine! And yes, still working on finding an avatar. As if any cunt gives a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.
  13. Don't worry, it already haunts me every fucking day. Still, we've all got a cross to bear...apart from the fact that you're not allowed to mention crosses in fucking Luton. Unless it's a cross marking your carotid artery so the huge majority of the cunts here can hack your head off. I'd much rather be called a cunt than mohammed. Autocoprophagous Bulgar (to quote the legendary Frank Muir). Can't disagree with any of it. And one of the widest dual carriageways is a 30mph limit. Cost me £60. Cunting Talivan cunts. Yes, I do expect a sympathy vote. The ONLY benefit of living in this shithole. It says something for a shithole like this that an afternoon in Wetherspoons is a welcome relief from the reality lurking outside.
  14. Back to the cunts that this is all about... Luton Council housed them in the Hilton...FFS!! It cost the council (and me... I actually live in this shithole, which a few years ago received the award of being "Britain's Crappest Town" and pay council tax to support these cunts) £38,400 for 4 months accommodation while they were on the council housing waiting list! That's not all. They ran up a room service bill of £21,000 which they refused to pay, so the council paid it. So yes, I wholeheartedly agree with the original nom, and they are certainly CUNTS of the very first order.
  15. Is there another?? Anyway, let's bring a little levity to the proceedings. Try this one...