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  1. Ah fuck! Mis-read the title and thought Lionel Blair had croaked. Still, there's time yet.
  2. Newsnight topless? Still not worth a pay rise. Anyway, it's now escalated:( Earlier, Jane Garvey, the Woman’s Hour presenter, warned that the “sisterhood [is] in full flow”. Tits 'oot' for the news and detailed menstrual updates! The mad menstrual minge-whinge whines on.
  3. It won't stop with the Doctor. Revenge of the Cyberminge? and even: Whatever next? Fliss Gordon, with Diane Abbot as Minge the Merciless?
  4. How fucking low can they go? Given the 'unique way' the BBC is funded, as low as they like: the cunts get paid regardless. The mingies also wanted 'Jane Bond' but this is never going to happen to James, the frachise would be fucked. Write a separate series fine but nobody can afford the consequences of screwing up a winning formula. The BBC can. The BBC can produce shite, be terribly managed etc but get paid anyway, why should they give a fuck. Greg Dyke moved mountains to stymie Freeview boxes that would allow subscription access to the BBC. For the freeloading BBC it's gravy all the way down. Trebles all round. This, the brexshit fiasco, paedocracy UK etc (*) ...I would rather be...American. Got to go find another bottle...fuck!! (*) and this: Manky is a cunt
  5. What the fuck happened to 'minimise suffering...dignity' etc. The poor little sod could have gone to USA, been treated and the end game played by now. In fact, it's still a lawyers' beanfeast for as long as the fucking vultures can string it out. Best interest of bastards?
  6. Dogging?
  7. Hold onto that thought because if you ever do find yourself will have been assimilated and there is only one way out. IOU until my like-o-meter resets.
  8. I am not, of course. Actually, I made no such claim, you did and then proceed to 'rebut' your own fiction A blatant and increasingly common, 'straw man' argument, unless you've taken to 'talking' to yourself...again? Sadly, you seem to be reverting... resistance and reason are futile... Anyway (backs slowly towards the exit door) are perfection incarnate and stuff... I am mainly harmless and am only here for the fish. Ah, Grimsby, my stop...
  9. For the record and with respect: I do not do contrived baiting. Only Rick targets my posts, even for the, now accepted, dolly-nailing picture but the mark-of Rick was not rescinded. Fair enough, I think he is 'odd' and dysfunctional (because he is and I'm not alone in this opinion) but your post is...well you knew when you posted it. I don't know (nor do I want to) what the deal is but there is one. Stop obfuscating, your dog is out of control, or is it in control? Power eh?
  10. Out of likes and even later I can only give one. The universe sucks.
  11. So, coolered by you again eh? Had I known I would have spent my time nailing dolls to the wall. You are a 'twit' and I don't care what your mum says... Anyway, to avoid a polymer-chemistry discussion, in green and posted via Linux:zzzzz I too did Fire Research until mummy warned me not to play with matches and rushed the cat off to the vet. Try: Ullmann's Encyc. Ind. Chem. (2002-my edition). WTF is a 'Fire Evacuation Warden' and why would you admit to it? If 'Evacuation Warden' then FFS stop Ape evacuating on my lawn! If 'Fire Evacuation', is this Vindaloo bum or fart lighting care-home residents? What do you really do for an existence? "Oi! Put that fart out! "so we'll pop you to bed" Creepy or what?! I would Report you to Mother but you appear to be shit- proof and Punky is doubtless green with envy... You have issues, they are not my fault, leave me alone and I will gladly ignore your existence. My thanks to all you 'head above the parapet' buggers. Yeah, too long Mrs Piston often...
  12. Of the faggiest cunt. Your interest is appreciated as would your self-immolation. Pip pip