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  1. Ah, reminds me of Frank in his prime. Last one to post his post code is a sissy
  2. It's not just claimed allergies (including to water by some cunts). Schools are full of fucking dysfunctional special pleaders. I went all the way through primary/secondary school without meeting any : asthmatics, epipenners, dyslexics, dyscalculics, Aspergists, ADHDers etc. Nowadays every fucker seems fucked in one way or another. Is it the decline of the gene pool or just state encouraged hypercuntria? As I recall, there were only two sorts of kids: normal and prey. Worked wonder for general health.
  3. Pippa's Fucking Wedding ?! So no religious ceremony, just some sort of gang-bang with rings? Middle class style eh. Doncha just luv it.
  4. As a kid, always had a hard on soft spot for Katie Manning: Ejaculate! Ejaculate!
  5. More like 4,500 if Dianne Abbot is in charge of the cash!
  6. In my place it was known as the Fake equation because it's not really an equation at all but the name sounds better for the telly. To be fair Drake was well aware that his 'formula' was just an agenda tool for a SETI type programme. It has no quantitative value at all given the vagueness of the speculations (estimates is too flattering a term) and I've never been convinced that the time element was properly addressed. PS The usual 'answer': 10,000 civs. is for this galaxy at this time but given that it's 100,000 light years across they (or we) are likely to have died or lost interest before even one message is exchanged. I should have written this in green I guess.
  7. Suppose they're not animal life as we know it (Jim) at all.Suppose they are hyper intelligent photo-autotrophs ie plant like. They would scan the earth, paying particular, horrified, attention to those humans deliberately targetting and eating their close cousins. They would be mightily pissed off with those smug veggie and vegan cunts and swiftly ensure that they ceased to be a nuisance. ...and the cunts on tractors who guard those huge concentration camps full of helpless wheat, carrots etc would be dealt with too. Steak eaters etc get a commendation. Win win! Bring it on O Galactic Overlords, even if you only vaporise the vegans you will be worshipped forever.
  8. But when, like Punkape, you hit the big time then only one thing will do: For the man sized wrist action...
  9. The Cheshire set do not talk bollox. "Utter testicles" is perhaps more like it. The Corner's members are well aware of his planetary origins. It has often been noted that he "comes from Uranus". Do try to pay attention. LOL etc
  10. Thank god they are! If one of the cunts was left in the building and reached flashpoint, imagine the devastation caused by the resultant fireball. They should be tattooed with a hazard warning and forced to carry fire suppressant foam at all times.
  11. A book?!! Think more along the lines of GCHQ but built of kryptonite and powered by black magic So take care. PS Decs wasn't even Old Spice, never mind old guard.
  12. Aw, c'mon. Don't start on Rick again.
  13. Ah, good old fashioned individual customer service. None of that "Unexpected baggage in the dogging area" bollocks eh? Splendid
  14. ..and neither can he! What a fucking prospect, I'll be having flashbacks for months.