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  1. So then it was (really!): No Dong at a Glance Originated From: North Korea Possessed By: North Korea Class: Medium-Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM) Basing: Road-mobile Length: 16.2 m Diameter: 1.36 m Launch Weight: 16,500 kg Payload: Single warhead, 1200 kg Warhead: Nuclear, chemical, HE or submunitions Propulsion: Single-stage liquid propellant Range: 1,200-1,500 km Status: Operational In Service: 1994
  2. I once stayed in Cliché. Nice little place. On a clear day you can see the white cliffs of matter which direction you look in.
  3. A sad farewell to the Corner's very own Chuckle Brothers? Full fathom five dead Decimus lies He weareth women's knickers And at his side,'neath the rolling tide Lies rotting Billy Stickers Rest in pieces you defective dicks. Amen. Let's have a party!
  4. I wouldn't (dare!) argue with the above but I think it's missing an important point (unless I missed it earlier) A simple spending target, sans: defined objectives, supervision of progress, assessment of outcomes etc always leads to a complete waste of money (at best) and dreadfully unwanted consequences at worst. It incentivises agencies to just shovel money out of the door, into any hole, in order to hit some holy target and give not a fuck about what happens thereafter. This is also why our entire fleet of new type 45 destroyers stays in port. Their propulsion system basically does not work. This was suspected even before the first ship proved to be a basket-case but the Admiralty ploughed on, to meet the 2% defence spending commitment. Spend the money whether something works or not....but I digress. Just spending money, as described above, is not aid and not moral. Indeed, often just the reverse. It does not project influence etc, we simply look like a country of naive simpletons who should not be taken seriously. 0.3%, sensibly directed, might easily do twice the good and half the damage. Which is the aim, yes? A simple spending target is for the simple? (*) (*) No I wasn't suggesting that you...please put the weapon down and step away...
  5. My cup runneth over...again...
  6. Better never than late etc but do the cunts claiming "reported" really push the "I'm a shit" button? If so, delete the fools....and Decimus and his toy boy...forever
  7. A one-cunt-kill would be a good laugh but I fear that the US will want the the kit fucked too. In which case the 'subjects' won't have any faces to smile with: When the air becomes uranious, And we will all go simultaneous. ...we all will go together when we go. PS Looking to China for help is a mugs game; huge amounts of the problematic kit is coming from the dear People's Republic. North K is China's arms-length, deniable etc goad for the USA. Make the North a large glass crater? It would concentrate an awful lot of minds, both Oriental and Muslim and might as well be done now as later. Happy Easter!
  8. Careful indeed. They appear to be the sort of ladies around whom one would want to pay careful attention to one's manners. Cheerleaders from Roops' old school?
  9. Ooh! If there's a party, any chance that I could er come? Bet Mr Wolf would be keen too.
  10. Is it Whatshat by any chance and does it only do dogs? It could be a fucking life-saver if logs people too. Ape jogs past my gaffe regularly.
  11. You breed giant poultry?
  12. What a devastating waste: Did no fucker think of planting a bomb in the coffin?! It's what he would have wanted...
  13. Not sure I really understand (yeah, I know, not rocket science...I am not worthy ). FF was Firefox and no prob. just now with this machine, so maybe a one off splot. Thanks. PS Smear the door knocker with s...omething?
  14. But I bet you're a whiz at orbital mechanics and the 3-body problem. Go on. you know you want to... PS FF is moaning about connection to CC being insecure and advising that I run for the hills. Is there a problem Houston? PPS Hope it works out for you and Ape.
  15. You don't know any firefighters, do you? heh heh heh