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  1. Nasal self know it all cunt. Sits there pontificating like he is the master of know it all football. Never been a coach or played in the game. Biased cunt has to mention Manchester United every time he commentates even if the North Pole played the South Pole he would get Manchester Utd in the commentary. Madly in love with Wayne Rooney, can't stop talking about him when he plays. You would think it was Rooney Utd v the rest of the world. When cunty tydsley commentates. Plus jobs for the boys . Hoddle the unbiased cunt ( old pals act ) who only thinks the best players for England are the Tottenham players. Do us a favour tyldsley FUCK RIGHT OFF you self pretentious CUNT
  2. No seven
  3. Bo7
  4. Only my side of the family exist i have deleted my inlaws. i have superior genes as I am jean cuntwing. 500 photos of my cunting self. Cunt
  5. Matt Dawson cunt cunt cunt
  6. I am the best auntie in the world to my side of the family. Fuck you other cunts on my hubbys side mind you I am a big cunt!!
  7. Amal Clooney. George clooneys wife. Famous for marrying him brags, shows off uninteresting cunt who has got famous by hanging off George's Arse fuck off mrs cunty Clooney. You overrated untalented cunt.
  8. I know a cunt who celebrated the queens birthday in there front garden. Yes it was me jean cuntwing what a big cunt I am
  9. All cunts
  10. I agree cordon is a cunt even in the cunt advert with the green light shit wanna smash his blubber Fat face in don' t get me started on Evans!! One big cunt!!
  11. Thanks
  12. Another cunt.!!!! fucking want to smash his face in!! stupid squeaky voice!! Ugly bastard looks like a perv!! How did this cunt ever get on tv???? Most unfunny cunt ever so annoying!! cunt!! Cunt!! Cunt!!!
  13. What can I say!!! Useless cunt!! what is the point of her!!! Preaches and tells people how to live their lives!! Tells everybody how to keep fit by following her work out video!! The cunt couldn't even swim a mile over lake Windermere for children in need!! Had to be helped out! When she gets in front of the camera starts showing off and dancing around like a little girl!! one big CUNT!!!
  14. Not only have you now got baby on board or child on board. But you now see grandparents on board or proud grandparents on board!! these fucking bores!! Bore you in everyday life about their fucking grandchildren!! Expect you to be all doughy eyed!! NOT FUCKING iNTERESTED!! They will only put you in a home when you are old!! Or are after your money when you snuff it!! So stop showing off with your fucking car stickers!!
  15. cunts

    I fucking hate Facebook cunts who show off !! Advertising their sad cunting life. When half the time it is a damn lie. Especially when you make out you are this wonderful cunt with a wonderful cunting family and friends. When in real life you don't have nothing to do with half the cunts in your life.!!