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  1. What a fantastic nom. Whilst reading through most conversations, and not laughing at all, this is almost on a par with my 50p charge shit. I salute you, sir, and realise that I'm in the company of proper cunts. Punkape. You're still a twat.
  2. Sorry flaps. You missed the apostrophe e. CUNT
  3. Missed a word, Agent. The
  4. Thank you all for your kind welcome. Looking forward to some verbal sparring. Oh, Punkape, fuck off
  5. Peanut. First 'norm'. CUNT
  6. Good evening. New here, so I await your avalanche of cuntishness. No avatar either. Left work, fancied a cold refreshment. Ordered, Drink duly poured, Excellent. Then the cunt behind the jump said, "Sorry love, have to charge you for using your card" Now, I'm fucked So, you're going to charge me money to use my money? I have to pay you to take my money? I know that this is not up there in the whole scheme of things, and I know that I'll get cunted, but this has really gripped my shit