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  1. My liver is the size of a rubber fucking dinghy, and equally spongy. I'm fucked I reckon. Its 18 Euros for 200 Embassy Number One, and I'm back working with the Yacht lot, so its parties and free booze all the way. I'm working on my epitaph now - suggestions welcomed.
  2. You filthy pieces of distended rectum ...... I've been working, in Gibraltar. And getting pissed every fucking night. I'm back in the money, and on the sauce, and probably going to die soon. Relax. I still pop my head in to see how you all are. Not good, as it happens.
  3. H is the best one. Did you get tickets ?
  4. I couldn't cope Francois. I'm reduced to re-varnishing decks at the Gibraltar Yacht Club for a pittance. The money's gone again. I should be at Cheltenham, but instead I'm trying to avoid having my fingers stood on by 2nd rate Dago cabin crew. For shame.
  5. Idiots. Sadly, this is now as good as the corner gets.
  6. You should get out a bit more. Those communist pamphlets wont deliver themselves you know.
  7. I hate the SNP. And Edinburglar is full of steer and queers. At least Glasgow isn't an AIDS hotbed full of fucking fairies. But you make a good point about MSP's craving recognition. They have it within them to wreck the country, but, let us not forget, the electorate have spoken. Sturgeon wont dare to try again so quickly. Now get back to your skag and poofery you big bender.
  8. I'm mortgage free Ed. That's what happens at my age. And I keep getting cunts on the phone and putting leaflets through asking to sell the place for me. I love the log burner idea. I can warm my slippers next to whilst I pump my rubber dolly in the study. Cretin.
  9. You never did. Went up the way. Putting the conservatory on the roof.
  10. Either way, I concur.
  11. Ed. Your getting above your station. Benidorm ? You cheeky scamp. You wish.
  12. Is this Python Jiggers ?
  13. What the fuck is going on here Fends ? This is articulate,semi intelligent and generally looks written by a normal member of society ? May I suggest you repair immediately to the cupboard under the stairs, and wank yourself senseless to some nunnery blacksploitation flicks at once !
  14. I've been expecting you. Numb ? I've spent £23k on a new conservatory today. That's me spunked the lot in 10 weeks. Easy come easy go. Spending the weekend drinking a case of lower end champers given to me as a gift.
  15. As always, the voice of reason shines through on CC.