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  1. News just in sadiq khan has just banned the burka in the name of community cohesion. Cheers bud!
  2. benefits cancelled lol.
  3. no its not. Can see why you might think so though. Great Brit banter y'all lol. Not me I'm afraid.
  4. cunt!
  5. hello! Did you know back in the 70s Diane abbot sat on corbyn's face. Do you think his beard still has the stench of fried fish?
  6. its ok ? pen. Its just a character I'm playing. I'm playing a racist womble today.
  7. hello Eric!
  8. fuck you about faggot. I didn't do anything!
  9. Jeremy corbyn is one lucky cunt lol.
  10. lol enjoy your night time snack cocksuckers.
  11. lol
  12. Pakistan-men-portraits5.tif
  13. just waiting for siddiq khan to start break dancing all over sky news.
  14. well me fucking raghead character's aren't going to be accepted. I was looking forward to slagging you all off as pakicunt and muhammad. Fuck this site is so dog shit. Anyone for a blow job there's. Fucking shitloads of faggots on here. Fucking Allah Akbar.