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  1. looking in, this game of yours is total dog shit! Cheerio
  2. she has a hairy clackervalve! Ian Beale fucked dot cotton.
  3. What the fuck is going on y'all. I guess I'm not very popular now.
  4. Guessing your almost here. That one mind boggled me in a mobile nucleur kind of way. I just need I little more help to understand.
  5. Your lifestyle is not under attack from me. Please accept my apologies. I'm just coming to terms with the world i live now.
  6. Think I may be getting murdered today no joke. I stumbled upon your group by accident. But I see my adjacent world now. My mind is fucked now. Arrest at 9am ? How did you fuck the world so bad? I understand your TV programming also. Guess you all won't accept an apology.
  7. Absolutely spectacular well played punk rockers. I figured it out. Happy new year.
  8. Jus joking you can fuckin rape me if you want jus jokin I jus want to slag people off.
  9. Yeah kind off. I like you tho southerncunt. You have left me a lone like. So best buds eh ?
  10. ;

    Have missed you Alfie. I think punky would turn that bald cunt down.
  11. Only if you say I'm the boss.
  12. Victoria finishes her meals. Must admit pretending to be a Kentucky Lexington cunt has led me down a dark path.
  13. Fuckin bunch of faggot's. I see the cowards have come out to play.