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  1. I would have thought it was right up your street. Canal Street that is.
  2. DECS, its getting worse, this morning I came into the bureau to be greeted by a pervading smell of goose shit, and the floor was covered in feathers. Please help me, I don't know where to turn. I feel cold.
  3. Noted, and with that in mind I hope that Rick and Roops get a severe dose of gastroenteritis and are unable to reach a computer and vet anything for 10 days.
  4. What worries me is that these thick cunts have some sort of degree, masters, or fucking 'ology coming their way. General Knowledge zero if they are under 30 years old. Cunts
  5. I'm scared Decs. Whilst I was having the radiotherapy today the machine started making a hissing noise like a wild goose, and the room started smelling of garlic. I think Withers is trying to possess me. Help me here mate, its worrying.
  6. No problem, its probably your leg irons distorting the signal
  7. Quincy should have also been banned for refusing to open his mouth
  8. Now, now you are taking advantage of Bill's absence. Grossly unfair of you, and of Eric for giving you a 'like'
  9. Back on topic. I looked at 'The Chase' this afternoon and a student was asked about Colditz Castle p.o.w's. Was it WW1 or WW2. He said ' history is not my strong point' and went wrong. This boy was one thick cunt. The battle of Hastings was before my time, but I know it was 1066 you excuse making wanker. Almost as embarrassing to watch as a one armed weather presenter.
  10. Fuck off you condescending old cunt.
  11. What part of 'feel free to insult me' don't you grasp. It would be impossible to insult you, not because you are thick skinned, just thick. What do you really think of Eric?, be honest.
  12. Its nice to get some credit
  13. Yeh, good innit.
  14. So am I. It took a while longer than I thought, but Eric got there in the end.