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  1. Do you have heat stroke or something, Punky? That one was shite even for you...
  2. No it's some condemned building in Tynemouth that's been slowly rotting away on the sea front for the past twenty years. They seem to be waiting for it to fall down on it's own so they don't have to put up with the protests of the locals if they demolish it themselves. Dire Straits mention it in a song of theirs:
  3. Thought it was Spanish City at first...
  4. Sounds 'bout right...
  5. Load of bollocks. Everyone loves me. I am fucking adorable.
  6. I think the heat is getting to you both. What's all this "getting along" wank? Fucking disgraceful is what it is...
  7. You should talk like that more often, Roops. Got me all hot under the collar. The apology and bad spelling killed it a bit, though. 7/10.
  8. Hard to believe this was a genuine accident. Even an absolute fucking retard would know leaving a kid in a car for so long in any weather is at least serious neglect.
  9. Tata Dan wank off materiel...
  10. People are upset that their country is turning to shit around them because of an outside influence - two wrongs don't make a right. Getting spat on when you're innocent of any wrongdoing is a hell of a lot better than getting blown up, stabbed, or run over. You tell Snatch that he may have a point, then instantly try and prove that point wrong by trying to shame him for something he has no responsibility over without actually validating this supposed point that you see. A lot of the videos are exactly what you say, propaganda used to stir the masses into an uproar, but to say every single one is bullshit with no legitimate value is just as bad as saying that every single one is absolute fact. Considering that we're living in the aftermath of a terrorist attack people are going to be angry and vent their frustration online, using such blanket statements whilst simultaneously refusing to see their viewpoints (or blatantly pretending to before trying to shoot them down) gives the impression that you're talking down to people. If you think people are talking bollocks then say so, don't just pretend to agree in order to ambush them on it later on in the very same post.
  11. Thinking about my arsehole in any context is a micro aggression. Especially if it's you doing the thinking. Stop being all weirdly sexual just because you've been backed into a corner and can't think of another line of argument. Can't tell whether you want to fuck me or my fictional art characters but I'm definitely sensing a lot of repressed sexual tension from you.
  12. Right about what? That my art is porn quality? It's good, I'll admit, but personally I can't rub one out to static images these days now that the internet is a thing. Ya perverted little hentai fag.
  13. I kind of agree. You can only argue the same argument without any counter argument for so long before the platform becomes an echo chamber. It's a bit sickening actually. CC is supposed to be a place of argument not this agreeing with each other bollocks. You should post another picture of your minge to distract everyone.
  14. Feminists and SJW's should be mined for salt whenever their arguments are shot down. They just can't handle it when the same little speeches that get them applause in their university lecture rooms get them hate on You Tube. How dare the plebs speak up against them! They are educated!