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  1. That or the Giant Flid. They're basically the same thing. Humpspack whales aren't really predatory, so it can't be them...
  2. Are you joking? That chair would have a hole in the seat and he'd be strapped naked to it with Roops standing over him holding one of theese:
  3. Is "golf" a euphemism for a bunch of loony middle-aged poofters running around in a field dressed as 17th century French nobility (complete with powdered wigs) and trying their hardest to fit a nine iron head first into one another's prolapsed arseholes? I'm beginning to think it is, Punky.
  4. Well before my time, then...
  5. Cactus Jack. One of Mankind's alter egos. I haven't watched wrestling since the early 2000's
  6. Makes me worry for the security of the site... he could be a Jihadi trying to radicalise members, or even worse, Frank.
  7. How the fuck did you get up here, Ratty?
  8. Bar charts? Roops is gunna love you.
  9. Sorry I can't hear you all the way up here on the moral high ground.