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  1. I don't know the date, just remember the story he told me. My other Grandad was in the navy on destroyers for the whole war, got through without a scratch, stayed on after the war and signed up for mine clearing duty, got blown up on his first week and spent most of 1946 in hospital. Unlucky or what?
  2. He was when the Luftwaffe dropped a bomb on a hangar at Biggin Hill and killed 39 of his colleagues.
  3. I wonder if he's ever kissed the Popes ring.
  4. Muffin the mule is a sex offense.
  5. Uncle Ben was an Uncle Tom.
  6. That wee lassie gat glassed an' nae cunt leaves here 'til we find oot what cunt did it.
  7. He was actually Pen, he joined the RFC in the 1920's, based at Weston Zoyland. Stayed on after it changed to the RAF, survived 4 bombings at Biggin Hill during WW2, stuck with it after the war, left in 1959 with a decent military pension and carried on working as an accountant for a private company until the 70's. (All true). Did you know him? His name was Fred.
  8. My grandad survived the holocaust Ratty, he was fixing Hurricanes and Spitfires at RAF Biggin Hill and wasn't Jewish.
  9. Very good advice, I myself favour an upward dig into the bottom rib(the floating one), always makes 'em spasm like they've been electrocuted. You grab the vino, I'll get the scotch.
  10. They're great.
  11. I don't worry about Osteoporosis Ratty, I've been overdosing on my Mums HRT pills for years, my bones are like wrought iron and my tits are the envy of every haddock slurper in the southern homospear.
  12. This is the kind of behaviour that led mankind to invent the 'Stealth Headbutt', you fake a sneeze, simultaneously slamming your forehead into the bridge of the offenders nose, immediately apologise and blame Hay Fever or similar allergy for the unfortunate accident.
  13. Funny you mention Usain Bolt when we've been talking about Australia, a few years ago in Oz, some footprints were uncovered by a dust shift, quite old, but on examination, the stride length and depth impressions suggest the cunt was running the hundred metres a good second or so faster than Bolt. Fuck knows what that bloke was running away from!
  14. Partridge of Cheshire
  15. South Park portrayed him in hell with the Stingray still hanging out of his chest, at Satans birthday party along with Princess Di and Ghandi. Subtle cunts Trey Parker and Matt Stone.