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  1. What's a spackers favourite Vin Diesel sci-fi film?
  2. The Empire Strikes Spack? Or failing that, Aspack Of The Clones.
  3. I used to have an imaginary friend, we didn't get on.
  4. Makes Alan Partridge seem quite endearing.
  5. And hopefully condemned to spend eternity in the same circle of hell as Jimmy Savile.. especially that mumbling fat tongued cunt Moyles.
  6. Exactly. His parents couldn't be bothered to write Jamiroqueer on his registry form.
  7. No, you're not included as your chosen nomenclature is a contraction of Alfred, which is not chavvy. It's just the lazy cunts who put contractions on their kids birth certificates that I was talking about, especially the ones who name them with a letter of the alphabet, 'J' for fucksake.
  8. He's not dead. He's porking his way through the entire female cast of Emmerdale.
  9. I know this one Wiz... It's 'Flid Said Sid' isn't it?
  10. And lesbians inspired by Shakin' Stevens.
  11. Bless you, your Holiness.
  12. When you say "team of on air presenters", you mean, 'pack of sickening toadie bumlickers', as the wanker is unable to present any kind of broadcast without a crew of sycophants who are paid to agree with him and laugh at his jokes. I hope @Rev wants him dead.
  13. Self indulgent, attention seeking bollocks.
  14. For failing miserably to resurrect Top Gear after the BBC began kicking themselves for managing to fuck up a winning formula, and replaced it with a shambolic pile of shit hosted by an obnoxious ginger cunt, Joey from Friends, a couple of ethnic tokens and a confused, mumbling man called Eddie Jordan. Meanwhile, the millions of loyal Top Gear fans continued to watch their favourite show on Amazon fire sticks and the ginger cunt was dropped and went into a drunken bout of depression, despite being paid millions to be a failure. The ungrateful, maudlin little bastard.