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  1. Oh, you're simply building a Rabbi warren. So obvious really.
  2. Why did you dig a large hole and then fill it back in again?
  3. Have you been hiding potatoes to taunt Irish people Ratty?
  4. Those tattooists are getting less and less fussy regarding what they're prepared to work on, disgraceful.
  5. I can clearly remember the first cunt who really made me laugh when I joined. It was Bubba, I had only been here a couple of days and Bubs thought I was a creation of Withers, he said to me..."fuck off, you goose sucking son of a nazi raped farmhand".
  6. I do miss Quincy, his mouth shitting, his cocaine fuelled rants, and the endearing way he would answer every FlidSpack question with 'Flid life', regardless of context.
  7. Or they could blow up Jaywick and increase property prices in the area.
  8. I've got a song for you, look up the lyrics to 'Everybody loves me baby' by Don McClean.
  9. I was hoping the dado rail would divert attention from it.
  10. And 'Baws will be watching.
  11. A sheet of rusty corrugated iron? Luxury! When I was a lad, our whole family lived in a rolled up newspaper in the middle of the road. We had to get up at 2am and lick the road clean, then go to work in a factory for 28 hrs, and when we got home, our dad would cut us in half with a rusty breadknife, etc' etc'....
  12. People are angry. The threat is growing daily, and the response is flimsy at best and negligent at worst. None of us enjoy being outraged but it's a natural response to outrageous events. There is nothing unnatural about feeling hatred and aggression towards a group of people who openly express aggressive hatred towards us. It isn't prejudice and it isn't racism. The same feelings were expressed towards the IRA during their terror campaign, and the liberal left didn't start defending them. It's a complex set of circumstances and there is no simple solution, but if we don't start trying in earnest to eliminate the threat, many more innocent people are going to become victims of a hatred which is continuing to flourish thanks to a reluctance to address it, a reluctance born of a fear of being seen as persecuting a single group. Well, sorry people, but that single group is attempting to persecute everybody else and they must be stopped, the same as the spread of Hitlers ideaology had to be stopped.
  13. Out of likes. Bravo.
  14. I'm glad that neither of my grandfathers, who were both bombed by the Nazis, are no longer alive to see the nation they fought for, allowing an enemy that is equally as dangerous and prejudiced as the nazis to set up home here on a daily basis.
  15. Quite right, the Israelis are the model to follow. They get attacked, they retaliate, Mossad is sent out to hunt down and eliminate terrorists, which is what our security agencies should be tasking the SAS with now, they have plenty of former members retained as 'Deniable Operatives', they should be given the list of radicals, and given the autonomy and discretion to start crossing names off of it, and a bit of interrogation to expose the presently unknown elements wouldn't hurt our chances of avoiding further incidents either.