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  1. It's always about sex, isn't it . . . .
  2. I've found a few people on here who are remarkably sensitive, given the nature of the site. And now I've contributed that shite I'm off to help my Mum now with some knitting - she's knitting a jock strap from barbed wire for that fuck head frank
  3. A table for 100,000 Adolph?
  4. Nice, but it was long overdue. Now come on Gerry, join in, you know you want to . . . .
  5. Holy fuck dogs!!! Even Boko Haram would refuse that little lot
  6. I see that the drugs trolley has been round today
  7. That reminds me, there should be an exploding Arab heading my way. If he hurries up I can knock him up a fake profile, post some highly personal digs at Roops on his behalf and get him slapped in the cooler with his timer set to count zero prior to anyone being released. Nirvana and a merry fucking Christmas to all
  8. Head faggot and all round childish wanker who sums up the F1 ethos, may they all crash and burn. I'd rather watch golf (if Sophie Horn was knocking a few balls in topless)
  9. That'll be Rick_B, right?
  10. I sort of figured you and Frank had a bit of a bromance going on. Do you get out much?
  11. I fucking hate golf, and the cunts who do it. Apart from that film clip where the bad guy makes some poor sucker lay on the floor and twats one out of his mouth with a driver. I could have a go at that
  12. Please stop this madness. Have you considered suicide?
  13. You do talk some shit RK. Withers is a French faggot and as such he knows that it is beyond the bounds of reason for anyone to have any emotion other than a deep seated loathing for him.
  14. Are you saying she shared it back with him? That's not common knowledge
  15. Why play to his strengths though?