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  1. Talking about your wanking again, Pansy?
  2. Do you consider your cockring common or chavvy, Punkers?
  3. It sounds to me as though you've just lost £100. You could have spent it wisely, such as buying a one-way ticket to a place where the use of computers is prohibited.
  4. Let me get this straight. Constant feuding? Don't work? Taxpayer subs their rent? Are you sure Pansy hasn't moved in the flat above you?
  5. HMRC investigates tax evasion on all levels, Pansy, especially those claiming benefits while not declaring income – no matter how big or small. Hmmm. *twiddles mustache*
  6. Jesus. You really are a fruitcake, aren't you? Most 'personal trainers' don't have disabilities they claim benefits for. Even you can't seem to make your mind up as to whether you're on benefits, even though you claim to have a disability. Like I said previously, your mountain of bullshit and fibs just gets deeper with each post. So far as I can see, you are receiving benefits because you've said as much time and again – yet now you claim to also have a source of income. HMRC would be very interested, Pansy. Wouldn't it be terrible if they traced your IP address from this website, if someone tipped them off via the tax evasion helpline?
  7. Five inches? I've always had them figured for about seven. I suppose it depends on the brand of shoe.
  8. To the vast majority of ordinary people not mentally ill, that would be the thumb of the tattooed man holding up his arm. Of course, this is unless you are a horrendous doughnut connoisseur with an active cock-radar that's on full alert 24/7. Fuck off.
  9. I'm quite partial to a pair of pierced labia, especially when they clang in the breeze like a giant wind chime.
  10. You gambled your reputation when you sucked Pansy's shriveled cashew cock and tried to incite further blowups by creating threads for such purpose. Now sod off, you scheming, manipulative, leather-flapped battle-axe.
  11. If you're going to have your arm tattooed, get it done by a pro.
  12. 'Pen baby – despite my disability, shall I plough your backdoors tonight?' 'Haha! Oh yes, dear – I've just had a lumpy crap.'
  13. Don't be such a soft cunt. There's unfinished business to be done.
  14. Which disability, precisely, are the rest of us who work and pay taxes sustaining you for? We'd love to know.
  15. Making more friends, Pansy? I seem to recall you claiming you had learning difficulties or similar. Strange, therefore, you'd mock others for the same ailment. You're fake and utterly full of shit, aren't you?