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  1. Cromer on Lockdown

    On the plus side, the ensuing violence has presented fewer people with an opportunity to catch crabs.
  2. Skid Marks

    I can't think of anyone better qualified at removing shit stains from clothing, Pen.
  3. Fox Hunting

    She is a hippy of sorts. By definition, if he bends her over, it's going to sound like a sizeable Velcro strip being pulled apart.
  4. Fox Hunting

    Sadly, in the UK, numbers of the Bruvvicus Diamond Geezerus keep growing, along with the Muslimist Cuntus Extremitus. I'm all for indigenous wildlife, but I agree a cull is overdue.
  5. Fox Hunting

    Yes, I know. Anyway, with all this recent talk of being 'rattled', when was the last time you received a good rattling in the back of your caravan?
  6. Fox Hunting

    What have foxes ever done to you?
  7. Fox Hunting

    I'm in agreement. As Eric says, foxes are lovely animals. They are pests, however there are more humane ways to control their numbers other than hunting them like a medieval cunt. There should be no grey area where the law is concerned. Illegal means illegal – period.
  8. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    You humourless cunt, Pansy. Your recent history is littered with 'irons' and 'cunts' rather than awarding many 'likes'. Your laid-back, happy-go-lucky, womanising, 'Top O' the morning' Gaelic charm bullshit pseudonym wore thin months ago. What a miserable, hateful, fartsniffing layabout you're proving to be.
  9. Cunts with freckles

    No hard feelings eh, Withers. I am confident we can move forward from this. The fact you haven't spitefully mentioned TMS in your last dozen or so posts clearly demonstrates the situation hasn't bothered you, which will help. Vivre.
  10. Cunts with freckles

    I'm not fond of shitfaced women on blind dates.
  11. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Did your taste buds explode?
  12. Jerry Lewis

    What better endorsement than a mini-obituary from a fellow comic genius.
  13. Sunday Trading Laws

    A hugely expanding population warrants a 24-hour society to serve its needs. It gives people more choice. What other way is there? Our nation of shopkeepers sadly passed into the annals of history decades ago. I don't like the way things have evolved, but they are a necessary evil.
  14. Cunts with freckles

    That's probably because you're some 5ft 4' leprechaun-looking ginger cunt with freckles.
  15. Sunday Trading Laws

    The longer he comments here, the more I believe Punkers really does drive a Range Rover to a distinguished golf club. I'd imagine, after a long final nine, he tucks into his favourite coq au van in the players' lounge. Gastronomically, the benefits of membership cannot be underestimated.