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  1. So your caps lock isn't fucked after all.
  2. I bet each time you go to Glastonbury (or any music festival) you miss all of the main action, because your insatiable appetite for hedonism means you're already way too cunted on booze and drugs within a few hours, with several hairy lefty bitches snorting cocaine from the back of your electric Fender. You boring bastard Rick.
  3. I notice you've added some archetypal humour into the mix, Rick. I can see why you're the last guitar-wielding hedonist to retire from wild parties. That said, I wholly agree. While some idiot was going to attack a mosque sooner or later, this one piece of fuckwittery now means the most popular Allah-worshipping establishments will be protected by police – which will provide Islamic preachers et al. more autonomy behind closed doors, thus providing a better platform to nurture those wishing to be radicalised. It's the worst thing that could have happened.
  4. The owner of this tattoo can only be French.
  5. I like the way Pansy always says 'gotta roll', as though he has a busy schedule to execute. He must be the world's busiest bum (other than Punkers).
  6. Are you going to leave enough time to fulfil your routine mammoth wank?
  7. I see your time in the cooler has been typically successful.
  8. There's no need to explain yourself to me, honestly. Seeing as you have a penchant for such activities, are you planning to plough her backdoors?
  9. It's almost 9am. Shouldn't you be at work, Pansy?
  10. Have you been at the thesaurus, Alfie?
  11. A great career move.
  12. Absolutely. I was served a fucking vile moules marinières and then I fell in the most rancid dogshit known to mankind in Dieppe some years ago, and I have never forgiven the French for not installing public shit-disposal bins like we have here in the UK. That said, I doubt any of the rude cunts would ever bother using them.
  13. 90% of every news link you post is BBC. There's a whole world of alternative, nonpartisan media available, Pen. It's little wonder your ageing brain refuses to absorb further data if you keep feeding it complete, utter, manipulative cunt batter – especially with a government-censored story deleted
  14. No, but you're still the biggest pussy.
  15. I'm not too sure about Corby, but I'm fairly certain the one on the left is Punkape.