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  1. The good night from me thread

  2. The ask Punkape how he is doing thread

    Hamilton already appears to have been burnt R.I.P
  3. .

  4. Islamic truck terrorist in Berlin

    I thought it was amusing. Fuck Germany, fuck 'Das Tannenbaum' and fuck Christmas.
  5. The Queen.

    Is she the Stig?
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog

    Is he drawing a dog?
  7. Hey guys you guys are great

    What is that brown-nosing piece of shit on about? Babbling silly cunt. Fuck off.
  8. ;

  9. Guy Martin.

    Re-incarnation of Fred Dibnah Talks utter bollocks 'Ooh aah' every other fucking word Traded brains for piles at the start line that one.
  10. Gender diversity cunts in schools

    I sexually identify as a Cobra Attack Helicopter. Suck my 30mm until I shoot my load.