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  1. As a matter of fact I believe in fiction at the best of times.
  2. Frank, you're a pitiful cunt.. and a fool to boot. You've said a done a lot of silly things throughout your mundane life and your recent 'reappearance' takes the biscuit. Disappear up your own rancid arse until you're ready to die. Blubbing on here like the cunt-rag that you are is not only fantastical, but as fucking wet as the snot that hangs from your hooter. Punkers tall story about him being straight is more unbelievable than any of your load of old bollocks. Cretin.
  3. You forgot Brian of Britain
  4. I agree too. Your should get out more. What a moron he is.
  5. You asshole. As the rest of us all know Apes Rolecks Oister was purchased in good faith. He took one look at it and thought BINGO! "I'd warrant it's a Kosher poorpetuell Swish movement crafted from pinchbeck" and went for it.
  6. You ungrateful thing. She's never looked any better.
  7. Well observed. It seems that one needs to be at deaths-door before being 'allowed' to get past a receptionist. The cunt at my quacks, only takes appointments from 6 weeks after you call in or phone. She's a right nosy bitch, sifting through peoples records etc. for her own morbid gains. Even if you make the effort to arrive early for a booked appt. you're still sate there up to an hour later. And as for Greensleeves? all I get is phone this number for that, that number for this and of course dial 999 if its an emergency as we are now closed until further notice. Its them that make me feel ill.
  8. Familiar being the word. I'd recommend you getting one for yourself to replace your hand.
  9. ... or are in a Circus. Which reminds me Gobby, do you still do your swallowing act? I can recall you being quite masterful.
  10. 'eavens 6:15pm Let us pray.
  11. When one is feeling crook, under the weather off colour or dare I open the floodgates, a bit a queer and not yer usual self, the very last cunt you need to listen to is a Doctor's Receptionist. They make you feel ten times fucking worse with their total & utter incompetence. "How can I help" they grin whilst giving some other cunt their own diagnosis over the phone, and at the same time as other poor cunts are placed on hold... "I'm ill you cunt" you reply, "I want me Doctor" you belch, as if it's gonna get you anywhere. "Oooooh, I think he'll be far too busy, call in tomorrow or phone back before 3:00am and I'll try to make you an appointment for sometime next month" and then come the words you just know are coming.. "What do you want the Doctor for? What is wrong with you? Tell me the symptoms" she says before hanging up on the dying fuckers on hold and everybody in the queue and the waiting room get excited to learn everything about you, your embarrassing & personal problems, date of birth and to make their own assessments too about whether or not you need a Doctor.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I mean, look at North Korea.
  13. Errrrm. I also read Apes missive and just as with like you It I think it deserving of some merit. However, my thoughts soon changed when he said the door creased his foreskin, which is what he meant, but the cunt hasn't got a prick as such, he's got little chopper, which dismisses his observation and renders it completely unbelievable.