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  1. Fuck Off back to your flid post. They all love you for that, you silly little wanker.
  2. He was impersonating a cat.
  3. For what or for whom did you dig for?
  4. Why of course, I have not once denied it, and Your package arrived first thing this morning, though quite as to why you sent me Your worming tablets when I specifically asked for Bob Martins is beyond me. Anyway, were you not taught English, or was your High School on top of a hill? Check-out the meaning of the word "lump"
  5. Well, in essence a "lump" is the state of being self-employed and paid without deduction of tax, especially in the building industry. It is therefore just the shit part that he got wrong in this instance. Perhaps?
  6. Is there anything to suggest that Quince is not still here? CC works in very mysterious ways, allegedly.
  7. Perhaps there's one way to resolve the fight: Our future King v The House of Hashim, in a one-on-combat to the death. We may even have a bit more respect for Royalty then and we'd all have a lovely Street Party again.
  8. Agreed to a point, but I'd not fight defending any part this country save for my own threshold.
  9. I'd bet he'd allow you for nothing. In fact, he'd give you a Pony.