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  1. He traumatised the entire RAF. He was a generous man.
  2. Look what you've just done! All this talk about bareback, will only bring Punkers back out of his closet. Think woman, Think! For crying out loud.
  3. Piggott, is a Cunt. So is everybody else in Leicester.
  4. Sheffield Wednesday is a Bank Holiday
  5. I don't s'pose punkers has a personal space.
  6. St Baws of Dunoon.
  7. ... surely it should take that long to finish your escape tunnel? Fair enough, the wooden horse took you a month Sundays decade to construct, but a tunnel! What are you using to dig the cunt?
  8. Tom & Ben were Flowerpot Men.
  9. Greetings Earthling. Have you been in the cooler?
  10. Blinding.
  11. .. and the most tastiest too... I'm rather partial myself to hors d'oeuvre en croute, washed down with cough stirrup, of course. Fruits de la Mare is also a good standby on special occasions such as Epsom Derby day for example.
  12. Don't I know it... Or rather, I'd rather not relish it.
  13. I found my first grey pube today. I couldn't give two fucks about it, only trouble is it was in my Big Mac
  14. The only thing Punkers has from Cromer, is crabs.
  15. Bahhh. To fuck with all that nonsense. I've been punting-out me burgers on the hard-shoulder of the M25 for 70+ years, and I can only ever recall five of my customers dying from trying my 'eavens with cheese. .