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  1. Well he doesn't have horns either. My mistake thank you for ever so nicely pointing it out. And I was meant to put deers. Twat. Lol
  2. Well I'm off back to work after a hard earned break, you keep playing with yourself and your special friends you have met on the little yellow bus that picks you up for respite.
  3. At least you have one friend by the likes you get. Pity her brains have seen better days or she'd have a bit more sense.
  4. Lol...... You really aren't worth the steam off my shit, pathetic little twat.
  5. What a completely shit comeback. Why don't you just give up and fuck off.
  6. So you have a twin then?
  7. It's normally steers and queers spotted at golf courses in Norfolk and I bet you don't wear antlers so I suppose that narrows it down.
  8. Punkapescerosis
  9. You forgot Spunkers v everyone bar pen
  10. If u cant come back with anything better well do us all a favour and dont come back at all, stupid braindead prick.
  11. Don't tell him that, before long he will be bombarding his local council with applications for one.
  12. Just because you like a bit of tube steak up the shit box doesn't mean everyone else is a racist.
  13. Shut up you fucking gimp
  14. And there was me hoping you had killed yourself.