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  1. He was having a fit while trying to reply, you have to excuse him.
  2. And your story about having cancer is just about as far fetched as a bucket of shit from China. If you do have the big C, please drop dead and prove it you rancid old parasite.
  3. And again.......... What a complete twat you are.
  4. A little lad and his dad go hhunting in the everglades, and hear a muffled sound in some bushes. As they part the trees they see a crocodile with a muslim mans head popping out of it's mouth. Little lad turns to his dad and says " look at that posh twat in his La Coste sleeping bag".
  5. Chinos are more of a slack fit and in turn easier to take off. So it's no surprise you don't like jeans as they take a lot longer to reveal ones arse in. Do both you and Leroy wear Chinos?
  6. Who the fuck are you to call anyone a disgrace you shirtlifting tosser.
  7. I'm okay with that Stub, I hear enough bollocks off the wife, so at least I won't have to see it here as well.
  8. I don't any more. I have learnt not to look at your posts when eating, all of a sudden my food seems to be able to stay down. I wish you would hurry up and drop dead you humongous piece of shit, I like logging on at tea time.
  9. You and Daley are alike in a few ways. You're both poofs, you're both nobodies and you both like diving, him into water, and you into the nearest pair of boxer shorts/Y-Fronts you can find, preferably with a bloke in them. Fucking fool.
  10. Shut it you twisted queer fuck.
  11. Can't remember which ad it was but this Harold twat turned up in an Ad on TV last week. Whatever it was he walks on and some knob tells him he's in the wrong advert and he sulks back off screen.
  12. Talking of gobshites, how are you today shitkickers.
  13. Disgraceful, twisted shitstabber.
  14. With a bit of luck.
  15. I wouldn't say Frank is an arsehole.. Arseholes have a bit of use.