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  1. Lol. Tried to get a room in a neutral town, but Premier inn at Alderley Edge in Cheshire had rented their last one to a guy carrying golf clubs accompanied by two African men.
  2. Have a like. For effort.
  3. Well you are, and you are.
  4. Punkers wound everyone up in the Brady thread, something that seems to be what he likes to do every so often, if you read it through from the start again, you will see a certain tone he sets from the off, something that was different in posts on other threads. You're right, that spunkers mainly tries to come up with sexual references, to which he's probably learnt from experience, and telling people their oiks, cretins and to fuck off. The one thing that is important to remember, and that is to not fall into that trap. Tell you what, scratch the past, we'll start again. No more personal insults ( unless it's a direct aim at CCs very own Quentin Crisp. Deal? Or no deal?
  5. I do treat it as a laugh, only thing is you're not exactly funny, remotely funny even. If you were, and weren't sailing so close to the wind with some of your posts, the response to you would be a lot better. Take Punkape as an example, he probably takes 10 times more shite than you, and gives it back, but in a far acceptable way than you do, most of the time. Now, take this as a bit of friendly advice instead of a personal attack, just this once, try thinking about it.
  6. The only one who spouts bile is you, which you prove time and time again. As some have said, fuck knows why the admin team have not looked at quite a few of your posts and booted you off, which probably means they are as gutless as you. When you have done something worthwhile in your pathetic, shit filled, lazy, scrounging, worthless life, then, and only then, come back for a decent conversation, if, at all somewhere underneath your yellow skin, you have the ability.
  7. You're right there, in the past I have, and it is a pity I did it to help knobheads like you.
  8. Well I'm a complete and utter tosser, so yes, with that in mind we are the same, pity it never sunk in your thick skull before, the amount of times you have been labelled one.
  9. And these adverts on TV wanting £2 off everyone to save a donkey, it's not enough, should be at least a fiver, as cranes to lift that fat fucker off aren't cheap.
  10. Oh and my mistake, the riot was 2010.
  11. Yes, really. Why would I come on a public forum, and make it up? I was working in Chorlton on the day in question. I was told by my step daughter on the day about the visit from the council, and I was told about the fine when she recieved it. I was also told by a few other people at the time. I'm pretty sure if you look through archive news, you will find the demonstrations. And you can't find it..... Really?
  12. Chorlton, Manchester 2008, I was working there on a contract, Christmas lights were put up in the streets, three days later there was a march in the town centre and they were muslims demanding they be taken down, and they were, within 24 hrs. Bradford 2011, again Christmas, councillors were knocking on doors in the Wrose and Shipley areas, asking people to remove lights off their windows and any other decoration that was visible, as the local muslims were complaining. People who would not agree were given anti social fines. My step dsughter got a £60 fine because she refused. Two months later there was an anti-muslim rally in the centre of Bradford and a few million quids worth of damage because of the police presence, anyone from the area should remember that. Yet again, the council sent in the fire brigade and water cannons to get rid of the crowds, yet two weeks later muslims rallied through the centre for a whole day, demanding Sharia Law, yet they were allowed to do so. In light of all that above, no matter who is in power in this country, that is what we have to put up with. We are fast becoming a minority in our birthplace, and until all this starts to change, bastards like the Manchester bomber will get the chance to thrive here.
  13. Every fucking time there is a bombing or some other sort of atrocity, you're right, it's always the same. If they knew these cunts they shouldn't be waiting till they do something then go arresting their associates, they should collar them straight away, kick them out of the country, born here or not, along with any other sick twat who has a connection to them. Our authorities are just to fucking spineless to do it.
  14. I'm pretty sure that one rule that the I.S. losers have within their pathetic shit filled organisation, is damnation listening to music, and this wanker who blew himself up must have sat through a whole concert, so I take at least a bit of hope that he has gone to hell where him, and the rest of the filth deserve to go, and the devil is fucking him up the ring as we speak.
  15. My stance would be a boot straight to your temple if you would kindly supply me your address.