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  1. You've never wiped your fat arse with a pair of socks before in your life? You must be such a fat cunt playing darts all the time I guess you don't get out much. Have you stuck them darts in your eyes yet, post a pic, i'd rather see that than a 9 darter any day of the week. Now fuck of Wolfie cunt, i'm going to bed, i'm too tired to attack you tonight.....
  2. It wouldn't affect me at all, why would you think that you dull cunt? I would leave them there like any other normal person.
  3. You have to use your socks in a situation like this. I don't think they'd do a DNA test on your socks to track you down.
  4. Bollocks, it's like putting an avatar of a famous football player and claiming you don't like football. Darts player through and through.
  5. Thank you eavensabove. You do seem to have that odd person out persona. Cunt!.
  6. Thank you for the compliment of not being Ding, and your kind words of wisdom in your suggestion of upping my game. However, with the numerous thick cunts on here, I really don't feel the need to.
  7. Ummm...I don't think so...that'll be your defining supreme moment on here poor poor bastard.
  8. Sorry Cockeeta, I just can't get past your embarrassment on here, it'll long live in my memory.
  9. Here's @Bubba C the downtrodden cunt who's stuck in this shit hole called Wales for the rest of his life, what a poor cunt he must be feeling. You've be the only Welsh cunt on here when I sell up Bubba. On a positive note you can take my mantle as the funniest Welsh cunt on here.
  10. And don't let me get started on you Stubby cunt, i've spent enough time abusing you, just like in your wet dreams. You must be suicidal by now......and I thought today couldn't get any better....
  11. Fuck, that's absolutely genius compared to your embarrassing pop at me the other week. I still can't believe you came up with that. I mean, what inspired you?
  12. Wolfie cunt, the number of times you've either withdrawn from a comeback, or given some obsolete name calling in response still bewilders me. Outwitting someone is an objective view and it is my view that you are a discoloured spunk stain with nothing to bring to this forum. You're comebacks to my attacks on you have been childlike at best, and above all else you play darts. I needn't describe some of your attributes as a darts player. Dart players' antics speak volumes about their kin. Absolute tossers.
  13. At least I will never ever become a darts fan like the soft cunt that you are. I bet you're one of them fucking morons holding up '180' signs when Wolfie cunt gets a 180. And you call me a tool? Have a word with yourself.
  14. Ah quit with the sheep analogies will you, i've heard them all and they're really not funny. Hey, the first time you've hit the nail on the head though. Wales is dark and gloomy, and hey, I live on the more desirable areas on the Gower peninsula and it's still shit. Cunts like you should feel sorry for me living in such darkness. But hey, I can sell up in a few years, get out of this godforsaken hell hole and live wherever the fuck I like. I may even come live next door to you. I can call you a cunt through the window without having to go on my phone, how cool would that be. I'll bring some sheep with me and show you how to really show a sheep a good time, cunt.
  15. Outwitted you many a time Wolfie cunt, but you're right, I didn't bother from the start as i'm not here to make lifelong friends, it's much easier not to bother researching lots of comments and just call everyone a cunt; you'll soon see what they're all about in their response. I don't and never have wanted or needed a 'chance' by a bunch of cunts.