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  1. It's not Quincy, it's not Decimus, it's not Bill (Bill is Spanky), read back his first post and it's obvious. I've been here before but no one has guessed correctly yet. I don't think I will be doing that. Shut your fucking gob before I shit in your hat, you scrub wearing Irish cunt. But with an amazing like to post ratio for a "newbie", do a pie chart of that. Oh, and fuck off Bill.
  2. I'm not sure that The Corner is the type of place that should encourage childish shit slinging. We've already got fully grown men posting pictures of knock off watches that they purchased from a dusky skinned gentleman on a beach in Majorca. Do we really need playground, repetetive insults as well? How long until Ape is threatening to set his big brother on me? Whilst I've got your attention, I have just finished reading your excellent nomination on public holidays. I notice, with typical arrogance, that the French celebrate Victory in Europe Day. This is despite the fact that whilst they were bending over and getting buggered by the Bosch for five years, they contributed absolutely fuck all to the final victory beyond laying up half the German army with syphillis. Vivre that you cowardly cunt.
  3. Ape spends his days at Renaissance fairs and reenactments of the St Valentines day massacre. That's why the silly cunt thinks that the streets of Britain are crawling with Trilby wearing sicilians in full suits of plate armour. It won't be long before his historical delusions cause him to ditch the "Rolex" and start wearing a fuck off massive sun dial around his neck. Hopefully the weight of it will throttle him.
  4. Wrong thread, I was implying this against that horologist whore The Ape.
  5. He dreams of being spread eagled and mounted atop "Big Ben".
  6. Ape's watch is waterproof at depths of up to 50 metres, which also means it can still tell the time when he's double fisting his civil partner elbows deep. Lol.
  7. You're right. I was thinking exactly the same thing just last week when I was in downtown Prohibition era Chicago. I tell you what also gets my goat, those show off cunts wandering around the streets of Elizabethan England in ruffs and cod pieces, I can't sleep at night because I'm constantly thinking about it. Maybe you could nominate it to save me the trouble. Wanker.
  8. It's a valid nomination from "Ape" Capone. Shame that it's 90 years too late to be relevant, since no one has worn a trilby since the 1920's. Next up in his repertoire " Cunts who carry their Tommy guns at a jaunty angle."
  9. Ape's new watch lol.
  10. Terry has been pondering your accusations for some time. To be fair, he thought you'd lost the plot and were accusing him of being a fictional medical examiner with a sideline is solving crime. But fuck me, your actual suspicions are much worse. I now assume that you're banging on about one Quincy Cockfingers. I've read his material, and he's either severely mentally ill, a fucking idiot, or on a constant morphine and barbiturate trip. If Terry comes across as a drug addled lunatic, devoid of any sense of reality and with a penchant for shitting on the carpet, then he can only apologise.
  11. Cataloguing, you Yankee doodle, yee-hawing fucking simpleton.
  12. Your appreciation of the English language is commendable, although I'd wager your not averse to a foreign (male) tongue.
  13. Are you a character from a Famous Five novel? Even twenty years ago these were well known descriptive terms to address the sort of shit stabbing antics you regularly indulge in. Fuck off you Enid Blyton loving cunt.
  14. Get your tits out.
  15. You could throw in my monkey, a pony, and half of Surrey, but there would still be room for James and Punkape to two's up inside Abbot's stinking cunt.