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  1. Tibbs, welcome back. These cunts are still calling me Bill 'cause of you.
  2. Fucking hell Eric. Are you telling me that you were there all those years ago, and could have done something about them through either direct action or dereliction of duty, and you didn't. Those two grinning fucking cunts are everywhere now, and you only have yourself to blame. You must feel like a proper cunt now. When the history books are finally written about the 1990s, this is sure to go down as the biggest missed opportunity there was. To quote that cunt Trump... Sad.
  3. A complete and utter cunt and no mistake.
  4. Wouldn't it be funny if Mrs. Roops really was Theresa May. Might actually vote for her if that was the case, the sour faced cunt (Theresa May, not Mrs. Roops, unless they are one and the same, the sour faced cunts).
  5. You tell him Roops. That Eavens, you made him sound like a right cunt. Go on Eavens, explain yourself!
  6. Correct you cunt!!!
  7. Fliddle me this: what is a spackers favourite town in North Devon, once frequented by that cunt Sir Walter Raleigh, the stupid named cunt?
  8. Unfortunately, to remove all French influences on our language over the last 1000 years would be impossible. Much like trying to get them to use deodorant or wash.
  9. You didn't even mention Joy Division, which was the only good one you cunt.
  10. I thought you didn't miss anything British, you faux French twat. Bet the cupboards in your bedsit in Hull are full of Pot Noodle and local council estate slags with a mouthful of herpes.
  11. What year exactly do you think this is? Or do you believe that you are living in an episode of Allo Allo? That Herr Flick, eh? that one's best avoided too. Don't want him getting his hands on the Fallen Maddonna wiv ze big boobies. I find that anyone from Manchester is also best avoided before they drone on about football or the period of 10 seconds when music from that hellhole was popular.
  12. This version is much better you bus riding cunt. You should try getting the train in the morning to a proper city. You have to listen to cunts literally explaining as loud as they can, either to the talking clock on their phone or the pin striped cunt next to them, how big a cunt they are. And it stinks of piss, bum and a little bit of fanny. And it costs like a billion, squintillion pounds.
  13. I agree. How about this for a more interesting pile of shite: Cuntbags!!!
  14. I was a big fan of Pikas and they were my number three animal after a badger and a hedgehog. Then I saw an elephant shrew, which has a wibbly wobbly nose which moved it to fourth place.
  15. Well how about this timeless classic. I've requested this at my funeral.