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  1. Why thank you Ratty. The oldies are often the best for nonsensical and rather hilarious piles of shite. How about a like just to piss Eric off.
  2. I work in a trendy fucking bullshit sort of place and there is a food market to service all the trendy bullshit offices every fucking month. Everything costs a minimum of £6 and is essentially the sort of food a dim-witted student might cook (haggis sandwiches, faux Thai curry, cheese burgers, blah blah blah) wrapped up in some fancy branded grease proof paper. It is this sort of cunt-fuckery that makes the workers of the world a little sadder every day.
  3. That's because you are both a cunt and a quimbicile.
  4. Battlestar Gaspasticca
  5. What in the name of fucking fuck are you on about. Owls are fucking great. They can turn their head around at nearly 360 degrees, they cough up pellets that look a bit like poo and they can fly. That one in the picture looks both quizzical and pissed off at the same time, meaning it has character and all the best films have owls in. I can't think of many right now other than Clash of the Titans, the old one with the robot owl and the guy with the gay hair. Hoo-hooooo-hooo-hoo indeed.
  6. Well, could be worse. At least you haven't sunk to the point where Manchester looks appealing.
  7. Have you considered a change of scenery and moving somewhere nice. They have a lot of geese in Canada I hear, and the filthy weirdos speak French too.
  8. We don't really have any resources you fucking idiot. We mostly get ours from "third world" countries, cunty brains.
  9. The Fliddlest Hobo
  10. Are you running an asylum now?
  11. Withers you old cunt, you're not dead. You had me worried there for a while. Now I realise it was just a big gay tantrum and everything is back to normal. Vivre
  12. What you should do the next time someone like this tries to get you to join in is strain out a massive shit in your pants whilst they are hovering over you. Then you could tell them that they should join in on that fuckwittery instead as they would look less of a cunt. Then you should go clean yourself up you filthy incontinent cunt.
  13. What is with all the pictures of French food? You'll have Withers drooling like the cretin that you are.
  14. Withers, the faux French cunt, has been accusing me of being you to try and wind me up. It hasn't worked though because firstly, he is a faux French cunt and secondly, he is a faux French cunt. I read some of your posts out of interest though, and you seemed more amusing than 90% of the dribble flecked fucktards posting their rancid thoughts on here for no-one to care about.
  15. You fucking cunt, I'm not even fucking well on there. And you could have had the decency to rank the data table from highest to lowest. Excel is a cunt.