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  1. Fox Hunting

    I do not share your thoughts on this subject, but I did find your reply interesting. Most of what you write here is just you trying to trigger other people on CC (predominantly Ape) but on this occasion it seems as though some thought went into it. I am pleasantly surprised.
  2. Jerry Lewis

    Arguing as to who is/was funny is of course never going to change anyone's mind, but his success and recognition in the world of comedy is undeniable. Personally, I found him to be about as funny as Les Dennis saying "I don't really know"
  3. Cunts with freckles

    Can't argue with that!
  4. Cunts with freckles

    Being that they're more sensitive to UV would likely mean that they are that much more careful to apply sunscreen. Have you never seen a good looking red head?
  5. Cunts who wear jeans

    He's mentioned that he frequents "golf clubs". It's well known that Punkaids enjoys a strong stroke of the shaft of 1-wood, with his balls flying about as his hole gets putted for the 18th time.
  6. Cunts who wear jeans

    And crotchless panties.
  7. Cunts who wear jeans

    Did you wear your smart chinos or your favourite jeans at the pride in London parade?
  8. Breast Feeding Cunt On a Train

    Lol nice one. If Brucey was there, he would've told her that it's nice to see them, to see them nice, but you get nothing for a pair.
  9. Breast Feeding Cunt On a Train

    The problem in this case is a lack of foresight. Breastfeeding in public shouldn't bother anyone provided it's done discretely, but choosing to do it on a busy train carriage isn't exactly ideal. She should have fed her child before boarding a train and saved herself some frustration, and potentially Dr. Quim an oozing erection.
  10. Evening all

    Lol that's the best response I've read for some time.
  11. Evening all

    Very good. I shall utilise the search function to peruse the archives. Out of curiosity, can you sum up in just one sentence what you consider the best and worst thing about Mr Dyer?
  12. Evening all

    It's a Danny Dyerish kind of phrase.
  13. Cunts who loiter in betting shops

    Why wouldn't you be seen in a betting shop? You might find that you get along with the riff-raff and if you're really lucky, they might sing a bit of Chas and Dave just for you.
  14. Brooklyn Beckham's Photography "Skills".

    You make a good point. Would it be fair to say that you respect him a little for not trying to follow in either parents footsteps?
  15. Brooklyn Beckham's Photography "Skills".

    One could argue that it's the work of a young lad learning his trade.