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  1. Ding. The Man. The Myth. The Cunt.

    Got to 6 chicken wings thought that was the cliff hanger then realised it went on.
  2. Fox Hunting

    I hate everyone if im being honest ratty foxes may be the first to go as i cant stand ginger cunts unless there funny like Frankie boyle even then he looks like a very angry ginger badger so fuck him.
  3. Fox Hunting

    Absolute cunts, they should be ripped apart by the very hounds they use to rip the little ginger apart. The yank cunts who go on hunts should also have their arsehole ripped open by an angry bear.
  4. Sunday Trading Laws

    A 24 hour society is a load of wank, jesus even i think the wife needs some time to herself between making bacon sarnies.
  5. Cunts who don't have an Aga

    Unfortunately i dont have a bedsit as the mini flakes wont fit in it but I understand the confusion as when you sit in your grimey flat, pot noodle cups and microwave boxes everywhere you invision everyone to be like you that one day it will.not be just you and the telly and the odd wank in the shower.
  6. Cunts that say "super" in sentences

    yes fuck off
  7. Cunts that say "super" in sentences

    Yes fuck off.
  8. Cunts that say "super" in sentences

    If by the third time you couldn't read it did it not occur to you that you are probably a right thick cunt and should go play with the traffic?
  9. People who rent vans to Arab types

    I was gonna nominate white van man has got out of control, but this will do.
  10. Cunts that say "super" in sentences

    I have a thing with mate and not to sound sexist gyps but lot of the times women using it bit like a man calling a man darling, but also the over use of it mate this mate that fuck off im not your mate....cunt.
  11. Cunts who don't have an Aga

    Have you ever had a risole and lamb toastie? Fuck off.
  12. Exam results cunts

    Noticed this on news earlier woopdeefuckingdoo. Lets give all the cunts a medal.
  13. Cunts who don't have an Aga

    I have a slow cooker and a sandwich toaster, keep your aga.