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  1. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    5 euros you thick cunt.
  2. Cromer on Lockdown

    Thing is Ducks, if the locals assembled a Posse to go out and sort these cunts, the cops would immediately call in disproportionate reinforcements and go and arrest them instead of the pikeys, they'd be up in front of the beak pronto charged with racially motivated hatred and all manner of politically correct bollocks. The pikey scum would then also receive a substantial sum from the victim surcharge fund in compensation for their hurt feelings. Totally wank.
  3. Herman And Candelaria Zapp

    Laffin here now. Simple and effective.
  4. Apathy on Jihadi cunts

    Fuck me Slobby, are you American or summat? Do yourself a favour the next time you're in Benidorm, get a bus and go see something other than the old town gay bars you'd normally be hovering around, there's more Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian cunts in Andalusia than there are Pakistanleys in Northern England, though we're catching up.
  5. Fox Hunting

    Pine Marten. That name conjures up an image of a dinky little bird hopping betwixt branches and swooping gracefully over a still millpond, as opposed to actually being a hard as nails binge drinking massive squirrel bully.
  6. Sunday Trading Laws

    Decent enough swerve.
  7. Sunday Trading Laws

    Fucking hell Spunky, methinks you're courting disaster.
  8. Jerry Lewis

    That Sadowitz cunt I do like and I also like Frankie's earlier work before he degenerated into a slavering self centred Tourette's clone. I see recently he's trying to ingratiate himself with the TV companies again, indicating he must be bit skint as the Students Union venues he's been relegated to for the last few years would barely keep him in nose candy. Pity really, cos he's definitely lost it and I can't see him playing nicely with the game show cunts.
  9. Jerry Lewis

    Yes, in fact I'm told that's one of your many aliases, which would account for your total absence of comedic appreciation and unlikely appearance. You'd best keep an eye out when parking the G-Wiz cos I think Oilybelly might want a word.
  10. Sunday Trading Laws

    Nope and I'm glad to report I've not received a single PM from any cunt on here and I'd consider it weird whatever the subject matter. Considering the mostly acrimonious and confrontational nature of Cunt's Corner, it seems a superfluous feature. Like Stubid said, nobody's here to be besies. I'd most likely just block every cunt anyway.
  11. Sunday Trading Laws

    Who, Bubba or Stubbs?
  12. Sunday Trading Laws

    Cunters, see my reply to Stubsy, I can't be arsed to paste it here.
  13. Cunts with freckles

    There he is, welcome back and fuck off.
  14. Sunday Trading Laws

    Oh, I could've sworn you were a bird...
  15. Cunts with freckles

    Fucking hell Stubid, a fucking pep talk, really? Do you seriously imagine for a moment that I'm not aware of the dynamic cunterism that is de rigueur in this place? Fact is we're skimming the boundary of common sense, that's part of the attraction. There are talented and honed wordsmiths on here from whom one may derive free and very educational amusement, I haven't laughed so hard since, well fuck knows. Be assured the only meltdown from me will be when I have a stroke from pissing myself with laughter. Now, can we stop this bollocks and get back to the jousting?