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  1. The overuse of the word "apparently" is a dead giveaway. So many of you have accidentally stumbled across this campfest it must be a conspiracy! You have my sympathy.
  2. I have been fascinated by his latest TV (that's TeleVision) series. A sissy poof trying to discover what a "real man" is. You nerds really need to watch this. No need to thank me.
  3. Well you could tell me how fat my mother is.........or what a scrubber my sister is. The hardboys in the playground will applaud such devastating wit I imagine.
  4. You were badly bullied at school weren't you? So now you pick on the disabled. Feel better now?
  5. If it wasn't for blokes like that we'd be living under the Nazi jackboot. Oh'd fucking love that wouldn't you? Perhaps you and your dim pals would prefer a nice rally?
  6. It's between me and Snitch. Butt out, nose ointment. Er.........pun unintended.
  7. Fuck me, the Snitcher has been chasing me a long time. I wish my winkle was as big as he imagines it to be. Fucking bender.
  8. Get a fucking life for fucks sake. Surely there are enough cooking programmes on the telly to occupy your vacant brains? Other hormone treatments are available...........
  9. I hope nobody expects me to compete with these cutting playground witticisims. Presumably spending all day, every fucking day, on here helps to develop this powerful intellect. Not to mention a permanently punctured wheelchair. Stephen Hawking eat your heart out.
  10. I'm surprised you are aware of any website other than this one. How do you manage to squeeze so much excitement into a 24 hour day?
  11. Nothing to say II.........fuck off yourself and get a life saddo.
  12. "For here" indeed. Exactly what "average" age are you........that of a primary school pupil perchance? I see you have had another hard day at the fantasy interface, Another no-life OAP who wishes he was back at his mundane job where at least he had some respect. Fucking sad.
  13. Whatever. This decrepid cunt is so fucking old he's still trying to cover up his gayness with shit like this. There ought to be a limit on how long thick poofs can draw their pension.
  14. Every time I see this shitbag on the telly he is wearing an" NHS" lapel badge on his expensive suit. Perhaps I could send him one to wear underneath which reads...." Up For Sale......includes vast taxpayer subsidies.......guaranteed profits...........please apply to my financial adviser."
  15. Well why should he have any shame? Like any politician he has conned dumb cunts into swallowing his shit. They're the wankers who should be ashamed, while he stuffs their money into his big fat wallet. I have no sympathy for muggy cunts.