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  2. With you banging on about oil producers, the middle east and er...PPE buying trips, Herr Fraud might be needed to explain why you comment on things I didn't say. CP what? Certified Paralegal? Cathodic Protection technician? Oh, that CP certificate - available to anyone with 190 quid and a 140 hours to spare for training. Right-ho. Ex catering corps servicemen riding shotgun on banana boats cruising through the Straights of Aden is a bit different to the detail I remember.
  3. No need for a DNA test then. My mum always said being a halfwit was the only reason she pretended to like me. She’d be corkscrewing in her IKEA coffin if she knew i’d had a slobbering little fuckwit to keep the line going. Let me know how much I owe in backdated maintenance and I’ll make sure not to send it Babe. X
  4. Yes. You have a son. He's 11 next month. He's a halfwit.
  5. I bought one of those George Floyd grills today. It's very similar to the George Foreman grill except this one turns itself off after 8 minutes.
  6. I seem to have spelled Gypps slightly arse over tit it seems.
  7. You seem to have fucked this right up Bubba.
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  9. Fucking muta-ped cunts fuckin Byron.
  10. Did you stay at one of the Disney World hotels using your real identity or were you undercover at the Mickey Mouse Special Forces Training Academy? All inclusive. No bullshitters unless accompanied by an adult of sound mind. Strictly no porkies or ridiculously tall stories.
  11. That was a viciously sharp slice of mango Blackadder...
  12. Right, of course. As soon as I mention the unlikelihood of you being given a loaded weapon on the grounds of an unknown psychological factor, you then present Sigmund Freud's report in evidence. The private security contractor I know, may read 'Soldier Of Fortune' but I can't confirm until I next speak to him. He did say that it would be virtually unheard of for someone in his profession to arm the client. He currently works as an armed escort aboard commercial ships off the African coast. He does have a CP certificate. Your assumption that he's a 'Walt', spanking his monkey to SOF will amuse him no end.
  13. Mrs Roops

    Divvy Yanks

    Indeed, my petulant Padawan, indeed.
  14. We all have our idiosyncrasies judge, even you do, though the inverse bragging of your man-of-the-people act is looking a bit tiresome...
  15. She'll be heading to Zanzibar to install the new microwaves at the command centre for their space program. She'll have to undertake an extensive firearms safety training course first, as she'll be given a Bren gun to defend herself from the cannibal Pygmies known to operate in the area. No big deal.
  16. Fuck a duck, you get around a bit Mrs! So how come you spend so much time bragging like a cunt on a two bob website? It must be the economic downturn, nobody would dream of kicking your oh so wonderful arse into the unemployment line would they? Which country are you running next week?
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  18. Roadkill

    Divvy Yanks

    Whatever you say, Sab Supreme Commandant.
  19. My family died, stubs. That’s why I was away for so long. I’d appreciate if you didn’t raise the topic further or you can consider yourself reported.
  20. Nope, never said that. Have you been talking to fellow Walts on some Soldier of Fortune forum or somat like that? I did visit Venezuela on behalf of my employers who owned and invested in a manufacturing/servicing plant and warehousing facility at Lagunillas which supplied hitech electro-mechanical components to customers in central and south America. The larger and more profitable customers were Oil firms that had fields around Lagunillas and on Lake Maracaibo itself. As for your other misinformed comments, I did say that prior to the trip I had to attend the security contractor's training facility in Florida for two days of intensive training which included a psychological assessment. Much to my annoyance, my employers had already supplied the contractor with the results of similar tests together with a psychometric evaluation undertaken prior to being employed a couple of years previously.
  21. Mrs Roops

    Divvy Yanks

    This time you really are sounding off from a point of abject ignorance, albeit in an attempt in back-tracking.
  22. “Hi. You’re through to Ventilators R Us. Would you like 24hr or 7 day delivery Sir? That’s a bad cough Sir. Hello.Hello Sir. Are you still there Sir?” ”Cunt seems to have hung up on me. He didn’t sound great to be fair. Thought I had a sale there”.
  23. Knee trembler eh. George Floyd Special?
  24. Speak to Neil about that. I hear he’s come up with the answer to that. Apparently price isn’t even a consideration while out working in the field. (Or the woods).
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