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  1. Poking the Russian bear

    Less harmful to your health than poking Cheshire arse tho.
  2. French printers

    Will it be full of French letters?
  3. Nazi dogs.

    He doesn't look amused.
  4. Manufactured Outrage about Cambridge Analytica

    Cunts Corner is surely antisocial media.
  5. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    I'm pretty fucking certain Jimbo had some mental issues, not sure about the health bit of that though.
  6. Apologists for drink driving celebrities

    Dog shit bins in Wroxham? What's the point? No one would notice the difference even if it was knee deep in it, well apart from the 80 year olds eating lunnch in Roys perhaps. And fuck Cromer, the sooner it falls into the North Sea the better.
  7. Monty Python

    Reported, for involving my family. Contrary to numerous reports, my mother and father were well acquainted even before my conception.
  8. Needing Fucking Reading Glasses

    Are you intentionally so boring in the earnest hope that your audience will fall into a deep coma so that you may interfere with their bumholes without their knowledge? Lol. Tedious gayiord.
  9. Jamie Carragher

    I stand corrected.
  10. Needing Fucking Reading Glasses

    I wish a severe episode of giadia infection on the grossly defomed wannabe.
  11. Jamie Carragher

    Jesus fucking christ! You're buying into the Cheshire set fantasy then? His next door neighbours are a herpes ridden 76 year old prositute that's turnng £5 tricks to pay the pittance rent and a junior admin assistant at the local inland revenue office. He has to fight with them to park his 1986 Austin Maestro on the road outside their bedsits every night.
  12. Needing Fucking Reading Glasses

    More like this perhaps?
  13. Female football pundits

    I was going to give that a rare like, as your point was well made, until you said you respected that fucking awful " I married a sweaty sock rugby player" and "I came 11th in the commonwealth games in rhythmic gymanstics" know evertthing about sports cunt, Logan. She needs beating to death with a brick. Come back Des Lynam, all is forgiven.
  14. Needing Fucking Reading Glasses

    Cunt! Problem solved.
  15. Monty Python

    Depends whose minge it's being shoved up.