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  1. DrCunt

    Royal Wacky Races

    Two a penny? At that price I'm surprised they're not the new main ingredient in Findus lasagne.
  2. DrCunt

    Stupid bird box cunts

  3. DrCunt

    Gemma Collins

    Never heard of him, but he sounds positively dreadful. Does he drive a Range Rover or is he a golf club member?
  4. I'm surprised they didn't take a shit on your windscreen.
  5. DrCunt

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    He's so pumped full of it, I (unfortunately) imagine that his shits are like a rancid 3" diameter version of brown and white Aquafresh.
  6. DrCunt

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Beats the hell out of being you though. Dickless bore.
  7. DrCunt

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Cheers. 6 or 7 years counselling, at least 3 visits a week, should just about help me survive the onslaught. It's going to be tough, but with the right amount of support from the utter cunts here I could just make it through.
  8. DrCunt

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Please just die and do the whole world a favour. Worm.
  9. DrCunt

    Cunts who put “sauce” bottle on the table

    Chicken of the Woods grows in abundance around these parts and it's not bad, but nothing special. I usually let the Mrs try any wild mushrooms that we collect first. Could prove to be a useful habit if one wants avoid divorce costs in the distant future. It looked edible to me Constable!
  10. It needs to be repeatedly smashed in the face... ...with a 4 ton wrecking ball.
  11. DrCunt

    Preachy Gillette Ad

    The boys of today will be the men of tomorrow? Not likely with the way the world's going. What a fucking disgrace.
  12. Would it be inappropriate to "like" this? Oh what the hell, go on then.
  13. He's more likely to enjoy getting a good sized portion of Phallus impudicus inside him. Dirty cunt.
  14. DrCunt

    Beauty and The Flid

    For three thousand, beautiful, lovely pounds, I'd have to say he'd shit himself.
  15. DrCunt

    The Past Did Not Exist

    Colonel Sanders was black?