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  1. That's not agitated, that's vultures circling. It's the smell of impending melt down induced death that causes it.
  2. Anyway, he wasn't the messiah, he was a very naughty boy.
  3. I'm not sure anyone comes out of that story looking good. Did Mr Fussell catch any magnets? At least the nerdy looking cunt has got something a little more interesting to talk about down the pub now. Don't you just love police speak as well. "Initial enquiries suggest the body had been in the water for some time." Yeah, since the 12th January, at a guess. Thick cunts.
  4. DrCunt

    Robbie Williams

    Hopefully it's his garlic infused decomposing corpse.
  5. DrCunt

    Asian Porn

    This could get MongC frothing at the mouth. Your "research" for this nom didn't lead you to something akin to this, did it?
  6. DrCunt

    Egg Boy

    I'd be all for this, especially if Anning can start the bout armed with a myriad of lethal weapons, including a hand grenade that he can shove up the odious fat wanker's arse.
  7. @Decimus, what are your thoughts on The Washington Post's commentary on Brenton Harrison Tarrant; disturbingly familiar? Tarrant’s 81-year-old grandmother Marie Fitzgerald, told Australia’s 9News in an interview . “The media said he’s planned for a long time, so he’s obviously not of sound mind, I don’t think.” In Australian media, a picture began to emerge of a young man who grew up with computers as his best friends, lost in a world of violent video games, uncomfortable around girls.
  8. Fuck that, it's the 21st Century. Can't you get a like milking machine these days. Preferably something that milks them dry then automatically processes them into sausages and various other offal that can be sold in places like Royston Vasey?
  9. Do you get EU grants for like farming? What's the current rate per kilogram of likes? I've got a small bit of set aside land that I'm looking to utilise so just wondering if it's worth getting into?
  10. He's only worried about the Muslim chaps taking over because they would take a rather dim view of his anal acrobatics with his Nigerian boyfriend. Whereas his preferred brand of zealotry turns a blind eye to this sort of thing, regardless of the age of the choir boy.
  11. You monumental fucking idiot. 49 people get killed and in essence you're blaming them and not the animals that pulled the triggers. It's inappropriate and ill considered finger pointing like this that perpetuates this shit rather than bridging the division. Grow a brain.
  12. CC isn't a peer reviewed scientific journal, ffs! It's such a famous sketch 90% of the punters would recognise it immediately, so attributing it is like adding a reference to support the statement "water is wet". Fuck off.
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