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  1. DrCunt

    Erectile disfunctionin older gents

    First with distinction? Perhaps you need to Google a little more, like those that you so roundly criticise. Your spelling, punctuation and grammar are retard level at best, so CSE grade 4 would be a push. Utter fucking bullshit.
  2. DrCunt

    Erectile disfunctionin older gents

    Forget 100mg, it's going to require about 18kg of that shit for the Jocks to even manage a semi.
  3. DrCunt

    Older men in shit clothes

    Fucking hell 'eavens. Your personal photo library is definitely best kept private.
  4. DrCunt

    Litter Louts.

    I live in a very pretty, sleepy village. Nicely trimmed hedges, well kept gardens etc. etc. All very pleasing on the eye, except for the thousands of Red Bull cans that line the road verges. I have no doubt that whoever is doing this lives in the village too, as it's not somewhere anyone would drive through to get to somewhere else. So this litter bug is also shitting on his / her own doorstep. If I ever see who's doing this I'm going to empty my wheelie bins on their front fucking lawn and when they decide to make an issue of it, they are going to have Red Bull cans inserted up both nostrils using a sledgehammer.
  5. DrCunt

    Snowflakes at it again.

    Sounds perfectly feasible to me!
  6. DrCunt

    Snowflakes at it again.

    I saw this care in the community case in Gt Yarmouth a couple of months ago. Very disturbing. He does drive a RS5 though. Regarding Marigold, apprently he just kept adding new pairs without removing the previous ones and periodically had to go to the old N&N hospital to have multiple layers of rubber removed. I heard that he'd died. Could be bollocks though.
  7. DrCunt


    Yorkshire terriers, despite their size, are gargantuan cunts too.
  8. DrCunt

    Kwik Fit Tyre centres

    I've got no agenda here, but Jesus fucking wept. Give it a fucking rest. For several days you've repeatedly been torn a new one because you're acting like a second rate stand in for Punkape, the only difference being that Punkape could be unintentionally funny on occasion. Just give it up man.
  9. DrCunt

    People who post stories just to stir up shit

  10. DrCunt

    World Cup 2018 on TV

    It's better than Scottish football though! Gordon Strachan is a cunt.
  11. DrCunt

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    Good 'ole Sir Chris Chode, he's now backpedaling faster than a Bradley Wiggins recording on x32 reverse.
  12. DrCunt

    Sir Christopher Chope MP

    Good old Sir Chris Chode, he's now backpedaling faster than a Bradley Wiggins recording on x32 reverse.
  13. DrCunt

    Police speak.

    A complete guess, based on no evidence whatsoever, but I doubt he lingered for several days... without a head. Fucking idiot.
  14. DrCunt

    Cristiano Ronaldo

    So the commentator tonight was praising the vainglorious cunt's "amazing" hat-trick. One half decent free kick, the first he's scored in a tournament after something like 48 attempts, one bought penalty and a massive goalkeeping error. Hmmmm. This on the day that the wanker has reportedly accepted an almost 15M€ fine and a suspended jail sentence for massive tax dodging. If there is anyone that more urgently requires an appointment with the woodchipper I'd be very, very surprised.
  15. DrCunt

    People overly enamoured with japan

    Shove your like up your overstretched arse. The idiot that let you out of chokey needs their cunt kicking off