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  1. Daniella Hirst

    Can I be of any assistance? Jazz loves me.
  2. "It Could Have Been Me" cunts

    Whilst walking to work this morning a lorry drove past me (not a fucking truck). I feel blessed to have survived.
  3. Gay nightclub shootings

    The coroner in Orlando must be examining a hell of a lot of gaping exit holes this week.
  4. ali

    He's gone? Thank fuck for that. This place was getting as boring as the FT
  5. The demise of a good friend

    A most touching lament Scrote and we all feel your loss. I am sure the rest of the corner will join we with me when I say, who gives a flying fuck?! It's what he would have wanted. I wonder if there will be balaclava clad men firing shots into the air above his open grave, or whether they'll just be firing their loads into the grave?
  6. Paramilitary Funerals

    It's the Judean People's Front. Splitters!
  7. Uri Geller

    The media are going to be totally fucked when this idiot falls off his perch, I mean who else can they roll out to say what an awesome bloke the most recent stiff was?
  8. Waitrose

    Well he does like to bounce! Phwoooaaarrrr!!
  9. Waitrose

    I'd put every single one of the royal family against a wall and shoot them. I'd be happy to pull the tigger myself too.
  10. 90% of doctors are unmitigated cunts and are only in it for the money, so why is this a surprise?
  11. We could just give them to Judge for re-education. Don't blow stuff up you cunt or you'll suffer an eternity of being fucked in the arse!
  12. The Roops Bench

    Blah, blah, blah... newbie, or should I call you Frank?
  13. The Roops Bench

    I see that Bubbles is busy sucking your cock right now, Francesca. Another of your IDs? Stick to stirring up the new kids you limp cocked uphill gardener. It usually takes them a month or two to appreciate what a stirring, back stabbing, disingenuous worm you are... and then you need to take a break and resume one of your other IDs. Judy was the lowest of the low on this site, but you have fucked him, licked your own jizz from his arse and stolen his crown... enjoy!
  14. The Roops Bench

    But not from you.
  15. The Roops Bench

    Don't read them then. Like I give a flying fuck, you shit stirring, utterly meaningless, ruputured sphinctered spunk farter.