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  1. DrCunt

    Christmas lunch cunts

    Don't be fucking daft. Punkers is an exit hole only type.
  2. DrCunt

    Brexit Secretary

    It pains me to say it, but given a choice between you and Pen I'd take Pen, even though she bores the tits off me. The Oxford english dictionary defines asinine as Monumental Cunt.
  3. DrCunt

    Richard Baker

    Fuck that. Just give me a ratlike you camel felcher.
  4. DrCunt

    Christmas lunch cunts

    I would have thought you'd have well basted your Canada Goose first. Maybe it's the saltiness of the baste that's making it dry.
  5. DrCunt

    Christmas lunch cunts

    Will never happen. It takes a howitzer shell to kill the fuckers. They've been on the pest list for several years, meaning they can be shot any time of the year, with no discernable impact on the population. Who would spend £2 per non-toxic shot cartridge to shoot something that's barely edible? Wild Pink Footed or Greylag goose is the way to go for Christmas. Punkape, shove a 40lb turkey on your head and suffocate you odious little poof.
  6. DrCunt

    Z List Personalities

    You're a whole hamper short of a picnic, Jazz. Get help, you fucking nutter.
  7. DrCunt

    Richard Baker

    I don't think I'd have accepted a dinner invite from Dick Baker.
  8. DrCunt

    Brexit Secretary

    Double yours then.
  9. DrCunt

    Cunts that wear 'Driving Gloves'

    No, it's her brillo pad trying to escape the stench of surströmming.
  10. DrCunt

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    If comparing to a hippo with elephantiasis of the entire body, then you could have a point Spotto... I think you need to get back on the meds tout suite.
  11. DrCunt

    The Cenotaph Anorak v2.0

    Rusty trombone solo?
  12. DrCunt

    Northern Rail

    Train wanker.
  13. DrCunt

    Samantha Jones

    More Frank Spencer than Frank Kleftiko these days.
  14. DrCunt

    Design of New £50 Note

    I've submitted my suggestion: James Clerk Maxwell. Since he was a sweaty sock that makes him a minority, so he's in with a shout. A colossus amongst British scientists.
  15. DrCunt

    Andrology - Penis Fillers.

    Feed it into your office shredder.