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  1. A better measure of individual energy consumption is CO2 per capita. This is illustrates the point, but it's also a little misleading: Of the three highest total CO2 producers, in order, China ranks 47th in the per capita measure, the US 16th and India 158th. China generated double the CO2 that the US does whilst having greater than 4 times the population. So from this is can be concluded that Yanks are indeed gas guzzling polluters, whereas the breed-like-rabbits, but industrious, little yellow cunts need their gonads smashed with sledgehammers.
  2. So Alan Turing will appear on the new £50 from 2021. Nothing to do with him being a bender of course. It goes without saying that the best place to securely stash these shall be a closet.
  3. So the women's final was 2 sets and over in 56 minutes. The men essentially play the equivalent of 6 sets in just a tad under 5 hours and for this they are paid the same as the women. Equality my fucking arse.
  4. Jane Hill, another BBC comfortable shoe wearer, would be man enough for the job.
  5. Are you claiming to know my weight and height now?
  6. Propping up the special needs members again. How very modern of you. Maybe stick to modding infractions rather than attempting to engineer the site? If you need to explain it...
  7. Where the fuck have you been? You're gone for months and you breeze back in with no apology or explanation. Have you seen what's happened here lately? You're fucking dreadful but the latest crop is so fucking awful even Frank thinks he's got something to offer again. An apology wouldn't go amiss.
  8. You're right. I'm dreadful. I'm sorry. However, reflect on this, I'm dreadful, but I've still bent you over and fucked you in your cavernous arsehole with a cattle prod. You're now my bitch. Lick my haemorrhoids.
  9. Saw it, filed it with Pen's guano. What's your point?
  10. Meh. Opinions... Arseholes... etc. Worm. Awful.
  11. Inaccurate and dreadful. How do you live with yourself these days? You had such a cutting wit. You could destroy a newbie in minutes, but now you're pathetic. The newbies laugh and piss on you these days. It's a fucking shame. You've become a belly-crawling shell-less gastropod. A dessicated husk of an effective CC poster. When you're reinvigorated and have something to offer come back and try to destroy me. It would at least be more entertaining than this dog shit.
  12. Brilliant. How can any of us here compete with such genius? When you've educated yourself sufficiently to distinguish between illiteracy and a typo get back to me. Take your time. The very definition of scraping the barrel, but that's your level now. Twat.
  13. Do tell, what in your opinion was illerate about that post? This is a pathetic Pen type statement. Are such tedious efforts your benchmark now, thereby proving 'you're the best here'? Credit to you, you've tried very, very hard today. You're still only just surpassing Cuntwad level. Nothing wrong with kicking homeless people in the teeth. The alcoholic, drug-addled scum get what they deserve. Are you defending them because they provide a cheap way to empty your nuts?
  14. Go fuck yourself, you pencil-legged makeweight. Any ambiguity or errors in that?
  15. The fact that you feel the need to brag about such a thing here marks you as an utterly pathetic wanker. Regardless, you could have won a £1.4 billion contract, but it doesn't mean you'll make a penny on it. That being said, let's assume you're not entirely full of shit and take you for your word. We can all piss ourselves laughing when that contact makes a £200K loss and your employer takes you into the company car park and shoots you in the face, thereby depriving you of your £35K a year business development manager job. BTW, this 'evidence' of your business acumen that Roops has seen means precisely dick. The flange flasher can't reveal such things and even if she were to back you up, an absence of evidence still means you've proved precisely nothing. So, if you want to make boastful claims, post the evidence, otherwise shut the fuck up you boring fucking prick.
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