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  1. Good luck with that, you bland, dopey fuckwit.
  2. If this isn't a sock puppet I'll eat a mouthful of Punker's spunk drenched shit. Fuck off.
  3. DrCunt


    Ratty prefers clobber made from the skin of freshly dead jewesses. They rub the lotion on their skins or they get the gas again.
  4. Roops is too busy with her 'furious five'. ...and a big tube of lube.
  5. In order for a renaissance to occur it is necessary for there to have been a prior zenith, so your statement is fallacious. Fucking weirdo.
  6. What sort of sad wanker would bother logging in here if they couldn't post comments. Seriously? It's pathetic. I suspect that Withers has contributed the vast majority of its likes, so don't sweat it.
  7. Including 3 in 3 minutes on 3 different threads from Withers following your post. Leaderboard manipulation from beyond the grave.
  8. DrCunt

    Round table

    Another fine institution founded in Norwich. There's still a pub named after the founder, Louis Marchesi, in the Tombland area of the city. Quite a nice pub, but unfortunately it's wall too wall idiots with perfectly coiffured beards these days.
  9. I'm giving that a cunt like, but only because it means you'll be taking a holiday for a month.
  10. Looks like yet another victim of Pen.
  11. Frank was performing. Couldn't discern which of the 200,000 featured shit stabbers he was though. My guess would be Dana International.
  12. You're only doing this because your milkshake brings all the boys to the tard.
  13. Close enough that you'd chose to wear white stilettos or mirrored flats so that the unwary get an eyeful of your gash on a night out.
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