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  1. DrCunt

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    I imagine another of the royals will need to be present to cut the lace of the thong for the offical grand opening of the duchess's labia.
  2. DrCunt

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    Unless a bun has been in the oven several months already, I very much doubt the old cunt will be around long enough to do the deed. He was briefly on camera during an evening news report and he appears to be circling the drain at a dizzying speed. The old cunt is comedy gold, after he's gone there's not one of them worth keeping. Overprivileged parasites.
  3. DrCunt

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    What an absolute cuntfest that was. I didn't watch it, it was hardly necessary to in order to know it would be a multi-cultural advert for the ultra modern royal family. What bollocks. So, finally, the count down to the big event has started. Just 5 hours to go until Hewitt junior smashes Megan's back doors in. I wish them nothing but misery and hideously deformed babies.
  4. DrCunt

    Death Penalty

    Nope. Not even if it were SpunkApe.
  5. DrCunt

    Death Penalty

    I have no problem with the detah penalty for a limited number of truly heinous crimes, as long as it can be proven with absolute certainty that the person is guilty. The problem is, I don't trust plod, the CPS or the government enough to give them that power. One innocent person amongst 1,000,000 guilty people excuted is still too many. For that reason, capital punishment should never be brought back.
  6. DrCunt

    Ramadan 2018

    The timing of Ramadan must be a complete cunt if you live in the Arctic circle.
  7. DrCunt

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    You really are an 80 IQ dumb fucking prick. You've been reading to many of the low rent tabloids that you sleep under.
  8. You are overestimating his appeal, massively.
  9. DrCunt

    The magic of mushrooms

    I hope you're alone Frank. Accompanying you to watch a F1 race could drive even the well adjusted past their boredom induced suicide threshhold.
  10. DrCunt

    Yardape culture

    All these shootings and stabbings must be creating rivers of blood in London. Hmmm, sounds familiar....
  11. DrCunt

    Rioting Scousers at Alder Hey

    So the attention seeking cunts want to take their child to a hospital in Rome that "has links to the Vatican". They must really hate this child. Not only do they want to prolong its suffering, they also want to gift wrap it for the child friendly preists of the Catholic church. Astonishing.
  12. DrCunt

    A Bonny Bouncing Boy.

    Kate must have a fanny like a wet leather bucket now and William is going to need an equerry to hold his ankles whilst he's on the job henceforth.
  13. DrCunt

    April cunts

    If they volunteered to sit in a bath full of electric eels, or even plugged in toasters, I'd be all for it. I might even chuck 'em a few quid to see that.
  14. DrCunt

    Tranny dragon

    Why has it had Punkape's cock grafted to the front of its face? There is only one cure for an afflication like this. It involves a steamroller.
  15. DrCunt

    The PSA Test

    Special? You're not wrong. She looks like she has Down's syndrome. If that's causing stirrings in your crusty Y-fronts you really need help Francis, but I guess that's Greeks for you.