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  1. No, you're making an unsubstantiated "have-not" claim based on no knowledge whatsoever. Whereas I'm stating a very well informed, knowledgeable opinion. I wouldn't expect you to see the difference when you can't see beyond your own conceit. Not for the first time, you're making yourself look a fucking idiot.
  2. I own neither faggot loafers nor brown shoes, Frank. No one cares for your opinion, so ram it up your gay dog's arse.
  3. DrCunt

    Faggot Crossing

    Thank god. It would just be a gobble by the takeaway bins anyway. Have you seen Jacamo's new catalogue? Of course you have. Doh.
  4. Frank, a watch is its movement, not the name on the dial or the case it's in. I don't have the inclination to educate a pathetic prick like you.
  5. Actually, Smith's are not awful. Rather basic movements on the whole, but understated class. They definitely have far, far more class than any Cartier, regardless of the tag price. By the way, do yourself a favour, leave off with the presumptions, you really have no idea.
  6. Frank, you couldn't make a jelly quiver by slapping it with your flaccid cock these days. If you want a reaction, bait the newbies. If you want to learn something, sign yourself up to evening classes at your local polytechnic.
  7. Touché. I've logged quite a few of those myself.
  8. You miss the point. A Cartier watch is a possession of the uninformed, probably over-earning, nouveau rich. It's by no measure a posh watch. Far, far more class can be purchased for far less money. I might not know much, but I know watches.
  9. DrCunt

    Faggot Crossing

    Know it well? Thought so.
  10. Here are my thoughts, Frank. Shove your head up your arse and suffocate yourself.
  11. Involuntary celibate. Nothing the ladies in your club need worry about, Eric.
  12. Oi! We might all have 12 webbed fingers, but not even the most inbred Norfolker has hideous feet like that!
  13. Fuck the Pandora bracelet, I'd expect someone of your clout to realise that a Cartier watch is the height of uncouth. A good watch is defined by the quality of its movement, not the name on the dial or the number of pebbles glued to its case. A Cartier watch just marks one down as being the the wrong side of average intelligence. Come back to me with your thoughts after some Goggling.
  14. Takes one to know one, Frank. Takes one to know one. Think of those prehensile toes wrapped around your pencil thin pecker. Niche pay per view right there.
  15. Fucking hell, Reptile. You try hard, I'll give you that. Unfortunately, it's to no avail. Every one of your posts does nothing but re-enforce what a dismally unfunny, spectacularly maladjusted specimen you are.
  16. You've had too much fermented coconut milk. Time for tucking yourself under the Daily Mail on a park bench. Sweet dreams.
  17. And what the fuck is with the discarded nappy next to those size 17 feet?
  18. Can she peel unripe bananas with those? Those toes are perfect for clinging to vines and swinging between trees. It's your money, piss it away on your depraved deformed foot fetish if that's your thing.
  19. If you're gauging depth by the width of your spindly harvestman legs, I think I'm OK. Washed up never was, never will be, prick
  20. This is a pathetic attempt to explain the longing glances at men's lunchboxes as checking out their footwear. You do know that faggotry is acceptable these days? You'd be better off just pinning a "£5 including licking the residue off your cock" post-it note to the back of your Maine at Debenhams shorts.
  21. Replace very average with utterly fucking pathetic and you might, just might, have an argument. You're a week old summer dog turd. Dried up, vaguely unpleasant, but durable. You're rancid and you stink, but at least the bluebottles like you.
  22. What the fuck is going on with you lately, Shitty? These cameo appearances just won't do. Have you seen what the fuck is going on here? Pen's egestions are threatening a cholera plague, Eddie thinks black is the new white elite just because he's managed to afford 10 nights all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic, the newbies are squirting stools up the walls without a by-your-leave and Roops is convinced that people are buying her better-than-you unsubstantiated, unfunny, hormonal bullshit claims. Stop working so much and get back to kicking cunts in.
  23. Size 8 feet? Fucking hell. I guess all that weight from the saggy spaniel-ears tits pushing through the legs can flatten the feet. If leathery is beautiful, fill your boots. Eddie, I'd never engage in bullshit unverifiable one-upmanship with anyone here, because it's lamentable and beyond pathetic. That you do just makes you a laughing stock. You're making Monumental look credible right now. I can assure you that in every measure you can imagine I can make you look pathetic. Seems you know that though, hence your reticence to fully engage me. Don't fret, Frank and Pen will be along soon to roll their tongues around your rusty sheriff's badge and make you feel less pathetic.
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