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  1. Keep talking - someday you'll say something intelligent..
  2. I have just seen this fucking bollocks the faggots and wronguns have create a gay poppy to feel part of remembrance. Can't believe it......
  3. Just been invited to a "Gay"wedding. I will not be going. Before all the bumbder jokes start. This is all alien to me... Thoughts???
  4. Shut the fuck up is this actually a thing now!!! I thought they were joking when they said they are doing this. So if I'm bearing down on a monster turd the thing next door is going to be OK with it? Fucking oxygen thieves need exterminating!!
  5. What a load of bollocks. They will have to change other town names too, to be in keeping with this bull shit snowflakey world which has delevoped. So Twatt will have to change just in case it offends actual twats ffs...
  6. I didn't say "Black cunt" you warped flap mouthed foot licker..
  7. This cunt for example. Net worth of £900,000
  8. Professional YouTubers need to be pencilled in for some serious fucking straight talking. These cunts follow a very strict template: – Loud and overbearing? Check. – Lots of infantile stupidity in vomit-crayola colours? Check. – Moaning about anything and everything in popular culture? Check. – Promoting the latest tat and shit merchandise from corporate brands? Check – Earning a fuck load of money in the process? Cheque and mate, cunts... The shear fact a 16 year old can stuff themselves in front of a camera and earn hundreds of thousands spouting pure cunty shit makes my head hurt.
  9. Go and play In the road Withers you swag bellied measle.
  10. I have just seen that the Oscar-winning song lyrics about a man begging a woman to stay on a cold winter's night are no longer seen as "socially acceptable" with the song even banned by some radio stations. What the fuck is going on? Appently in a bid to resolve this, the willy dribble John Legend has rewritten the lyrics, for an upcoming duet with Kelly Clarkson to make them more politically correct. For fuck sake...
  11. This made me laugh. This seems to be getting so much worse its the same in my local, use to have half decent eye candy but now... well puts you right off your pint with a fucking she-hulk behind the bar. Then the fatties are moaning they look like a pig yet don't stop stuffing their piggy faces. When you get to the point of the lads trying to get a root they are faced with rolling the flump in some flour just to find the wet spot, this has gone too far.
  12. Why? Are you offering services?
  13. The cunts got Dopey written all over him.
  14. Nominate him for a 24 carat cunting, that undersized cocksucking big-headed cunt John Bercow, Mr Speaker himself, arselicker to Labour and Pansy Tory MPs, the yes man's yes man. A greasy wet turd of a midget who in his position thinks it either clever or advisable to display a "bollox to Brexit" sticker on his car is still able to be classed as neutral. What a grade A cunt flap.
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