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  1. have you used a strap on before !
  2. I lost a fucking finger in the local elections !
  3. Warning taken on board . Rules have now been read .
  4. I should get reported more often if it breeds love lol
  5. Playing hard to get . Its a big thing with non binary wanna be fuckers I guess !
  6. I have read the rules . I will probably still fall short with all you other clever cunts . But all has been taken on board .
  7. Big Leroy always made it easy for me by making the path easier to plough .
  8. I prefer dense - you clearly picked up the other baton . Sorry I will read the rules ffs
  9. Didn't want a peerage lol unlike some . lol
  10. Dr Cunt . I love your response and embrace you my little ray of turd shine. I am only overweight due to the fact every time I gave your Mum anal she fed me a slice of cake .
  11. No..... Just a poor man who is fucking fed up with politicians.
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