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  1. Have you not died of HIV you boring cunt . For the record I dont buy or read either of the newspapers mentioned. So go and get your crayons and book and have a nice day . Ps put your bib on , your breakfast wont be long you fucking retard.
  2. Don’t worry, the first 40 years of childhood are always the hardest.
  3. None of your fucking business. Now be a good chap and go and finish sticking the napalm of your well worn clay hut.
  4. Fuck me - you would send a fucking coma asleep !
  5. I am quite good at finding the wrong rock to step on . I have since learnt the rules however.
  6. I never left . Just been watching with interest.
  7. I lost a fucking finger in the local elections !
  8. Warning taken on board . Rules have now been read .
  9. I should get reported more often if it breeds love lol
  10. Playing hard to get . Its a big thing with non binary wanna be fuckers I guess !
  11. I have read the rules . I will probably still fall short with all you other clever cunts . But all has been taken on board .
  12. Big Leroy always made it easy for me by making the path easier to plough .
  13. I prefer dense - you clearly picked up the other baton . Sorry I will read the rules ffs
  14. Didn't want a peerage lol unlike some . lol
  15. Dr Cunt . I love your response and embrace you my little ray of turd shine. I am only overweight due to the fact every time I gave your Mum anal she fed me a slice of cake .
  16. No..... Just a poor man who is fucking fed up with politicians.
  17. Some scruffy old cunt on television offering free broadband for all. Fuck me let me sign up! Somebody has to pay for it and I doubt Google or Apple will! Would you trust any government with open access to all your data? The Tories are offering free broadband, unlimited evening & weekend calls and £50 of Aldi vouchers if you vote for them Lib Dems offering a free Pornhub gift voucher and a box of man wipes The world's gone fucking mad!
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