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  1. Ohh aye that one. most cover albums looked really shit in the 1970s. I wonder what became of that Malteser ?
  2. Absolute fucking disgusting. Cunts
  3. Barneycunt


    Well i for one wouldn't stop my arse getting pummeled by big hairy inmates. In fact i would pay them.
  4. Racism is rife all across the fucking board. It's just whites seem to get accused of it more than any cunt. That's my view anyway.
  5. People that don't wipe the fucking equipment after their smelly arse has sweated all over it.
  6. What a bass player though. He may just kiss your cheesy ring and play the bass at the same time
  7. Barneycunt


    Do you not think that this will be the norm now? fucking sad days, bring back the 70's fuck it bring back 10 yrs ago
  8. Barneycunt

    You Know

    I'm with you. When i go through to Edinburgh, all you hear is folk saying 'eh' after every fucking sentence.
  9. Barneycunt

    Darts equality

    Fuck me what a ugly fucking bunter.
  10. Me too. I'm drinking a bottle of Sourz as i type. Half price out of Morrisons
  11. Crushed to death always seems to be a common thing over there. fuck that. Stupid fuckers.
  12. Yeah wear your stars and stripes suit for landing.
  13. Second that. I fucking hate this show with a vengeance.
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