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  1. Only just seen this, I don't think I've set my notifications right. However, hello 😊
  2. How could what I put be about anyone else other than Schofield? I think you are just flexing your anarchic wings. Btw, I'm not a bastard but I am a proper bitch 🤪😂
  3. True, it's bad enough knowing they've seen me wanking through my smart phone. Actually, serves them right, the cunts
  4. How about we challenge cuntman Schofield to a game of blindfolded guess the food? We can feed him liquid shit, the same crap he comes out with 🤪
  5. Hey Dr Twat magnet, I think the government already has access to everything we do online 💩
  6. What a total cunting cuntbag Philip Schofield is. He needs to have his foreskin peeled back slowly and vinegar liberally applied
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