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  1. Johnny Cash: I Walk the Linguine Spaghetti Rings of Fire
  2. Popular music is popular because it's cheap. It can be written and churned out en masse and it has a kind of basic appeal. That doesn't make it brilliant. Baked beans are more popular than lobster thermidor, Primark vests are more popular than Savile Row tailoring and Ford Fiestas are more popular than Rolls-Royces, but it would be ludicrous to suggest that any of them are better than their more exclusive counterparts. The simulation of beauty and the invocation of a strong emotional reaction was the aim of every artist for a centuries and I don't think anyone attempted to undermine it until at least the end of the 18th century, possibly later. By saying 'anything can be art' you are opening the doors for charlatans like Hirst, Emin, Banksy and the man who stuck some Sellotape on a banana, who have neither talent nor intellectual vision. It's like telling kids that anyone can be a winner or a trans freak that anyone can be a woman. No. A fat, buck-toothed kid can only ever be a loser and a man can never be a woman. Ugliness or mediocrity can never be art. The English language is lacking a word to distinguish between high art, of the Renaissance and Victorian academies and so on, which is made for art's sake, and commercial art, which requires talent to produce but which only exists for commercial reasons. I never argued in favour of racial subjugation, you've just plucked that out of thin air. Simply put, though, equality is a myth and the forced acceptance of it (on a very one-sided basis) is wrong. That kid who was fired from the Tories recently was fired because he said 'white people are more intelligent than blacks', i.e. speaking the truth. Had he said 'Ashkenazi Jews are more intelligent than whites' or 'blacks are more athletic than whites', he would have been fine. The statements are all equally racist, but in today's world there's a right kind of racism and a wrong kind of racism.
  3. Oh, hard cheese. Still, look on the bright side - at least you didn't have gook juice pumped inside you. That happened to my cousin Keith. The pain was totally non-existent, but the shame drove him completely insane and now he goes full Hawkeye whenever he sees a hospital. I wouldn't mind but I always get roped in to apologise on his behalf.
  4. Very well, thanks. Just had dinner and I'm looking forward to my goodnight shit. How are you?
  5. You have proven nothing except the limitations of going around with your head up your own arse. Still, there's a valuable lesson in that, I'm sure.
  6. I think if I retract the word 'perfectly' and just say that it 'functioned nicely' I would not be incorrect. Of course peace has not reigned supreme across the entirety of our history but European society has generally been co-operatively united by a set of shared values which have been fundamental to the development of our civilisation. While certain discoveries and inventions may be attributable to one individual, the fact is that they could not have succeeded had they been entirely on their own; their achievements have been the results of other people teaching them and working alongside them. Societies and schools have been created for the sake of a certain cause, the guiding idea behind them being that people should place aside all other differences and work together in pursuit of one particular aim for which they are all united. I genuinely believe that the Bible contains a lot of merit and we could never have come as far as we have without placing it in the centre of our society (I do not have the same appreciation of organised religion, though). By instilling Bible teachings into the populace, you are promoting the values that have contributed to the successes previously referred to. Obviously it didn't work for everyone, since you still had murder, theft, avarice, vice and covetousness, but it would have worked on enough people to be effective. You might think that you don't need the Haynes Manual of Righteousness to tell you how to behave and I'm sure you don't. Good for you. But the fact is that a lot of people do need to be told how to behave - that's how 'wokeness' has taken off, because people rely on some sort of behavioural guidance from a higher authority. Before the Bible, the Greeks prospered because their increasingly enlightened form of paganism was blended with philosophy and accepted across the civilisation. Contrast that with African paganism and you have different sets of simplistic ideas all competing for superiority, and without a common set of principles established to unite people, the continent would be doomed to a perpetual cycle of tribal warfare and lack of progress. Sometimes, but not always, conflicts in our history have been for the better. When the Romans and then the Normans invaded, they brought with them knowledge, culture and learning that the much ruder people of our island didn't possess. It's a shame to think that a lot of innocent Celts and Saxons were killed by the invaders, but the fact remains that the island and its people prospered more as a result. The current onslaught of immigration is a similar thing insofar as we are beset by foreign peoples with vastly disparate ideas from our own. The difference is that they are not a people of learning or cohesion and such an invasion could never succeed of its own accord, but it is being aided by western governments and earnest criticism of it is moving ever further from the sphere of what is socially, even legally, acceptable.
  7. As far as I'm concerned, my ideology has not been discredit and I doubt it's even discreditable. Regardless, the whole point of 'woke' is to encourage us to think racially and I'm happy to oblige. Except the racial thinking we're suppose to practice is of one kind only: anti-white. I'm not a total cunt and I'm pretty live and let live, but I'm not just going to be quiet while great feats and achievements by white people are discredited and rewritten or erased entirely to be replaced by inferior works for the spurious sake of equality. I judge people on the content of their character so of course I know that there are undoubtedly a lot of good black people and very many excellent black people, but facts are facts and, as a racial group, their achievements are nothing next to whites. Considering how much exposure is given to Black Histree Munf, you'd think we might hear more about genuine black artists and innovators rather than the same repetitive shite about Martin Luther King, Mary Seacole, Rosa Parkes and Malcolm X, himself a racial supremacist. Besides, if Africa really is Europe's equal, why are so many Africans hell bent on coming to live here? And when they do, they whinge that they're not equally represented, because they're not in fucking Africa anymore... It was Plato who said "This city is what it is because its people are who they are."
  8. None of your points are wrong but I don't exactly see then as contradictory to mine, either. Undoubtedly, modern pop has incorporated black influences over time, but in no way can pop or rock be considered superior to Classical. Don't get me wrong, I like blues and some of its derivatives, but in terms of sophistication and beauty it does not come close to anything created by the West. It appeals to our base instincts rather than our intelligent conscience. Besides, it's not like the West was at a loss for rhythm and percussion prior to the uptake of black music. Likewise art. I'm afraid abstract art is nowt but a scam. True art is a simulation of beauty, which is not how I would describe the work of Picasso and Moore. Kids have come home from school with work resembling priceless Pollocks. If only toddlers were able to fluently espouse empty bullshit, they too could be darlings of the modern art world. If I wanted a multi-coloured splodge or a misshapen buffalo on my wall, I'd paint it myself. Instead, I'd rather get a proper artist to produce a realistic image conveying beauty and emotion. Personally, I'm a bit of a Pre-Raphaelite man. As for your last point, it's entirely correct, which is why I regard our European cousins with nothing besides respect and adulation for the ways in which they have helped to advance Britain. However, I never criticised them, I was criticising Africans. I might be disgustingly racist but I'm no xenophobe.
  9. The descendants of Africans aren't Africans though, are they? If that were the case I would be an African and this discussion wouldn't be happening. Because computers would never have been invented.
  10. Pretty easy to back up my previous statements. Mozart, Beethoven and the whole Classical canon vs bongos The plays, poetry and prose of ancient Greek and Rome, mediaeval scholars, Shakespeare, Scott, Orwell, etc. vs something about a magical spider Art and architecture vs cave paintings and mud huts Medicine and vaccination vs witch doctors A semi-functional political system vs brazen corruption, military oppression and contempt for other countryfolk Computers, the internet, self-propelled transport and white goods vs nothing remotely comparable
  11. No one invented humanity and humanity did not invent mathematics. That would exist regardless of anyone having a concept of it. I'll give you universities but only because I couldn't be bothered to draw a distinction between Arabic Africans and proper Africans.
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