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  1. 18kg is the average Argos flat pack box, the skank ho downstairs has heavier earrings.
  2. I wouldn't bring Simon Mayo back if he was stuck in a fucking wood-chipper, speccy fucking cunt.
  3. If, you blind thick cunt, you read what is posted, at the bottom it says 'this is not fucking news'. This means I saw it in the news. My knowledge of Dot Cotton and EastEnders is drawn in the same way I am supposing everyone else's is, or everyone would be saying 'who is June Brown?' or 'what is Eastenders', including you. Now, fuck of back to spunking over pictures of Wesley Snipes.
  4. Can we wait for one of those charity cross-over events and get the Coronation cunts at the same time. I'll let you turn the key @camberwell gypsy
  5. Edvard Munch wants his painting back! Dot Cotton is leaving EastEnders, again. This has been announced fucking everywhere despite nobody giving a fuck. One dimensional cunt whose best scene in Eastenders was the one I imagined where dear ol' Dot spontaneously combusts and explodes. June Brown had stated that she want more time to concentrate on other projects, such as her work as Skeletors stunt double. This is not fucking news.
  6. I'd like to see a few of them in the UFC. Televised fatboy punishment system where random Essex cunts are selected outside wetherspoons pubs and dumped in front of some hulk nutter.
  7. Is that what they're wearing these days? Isn't that a boxing thing? Never ceases to amaze me how the lardiest cunts on earth find so much sport clothing to wear. Hope they are spotted by some qualified lunatic and punched into a different dimension.
  8. Dear Mr president. I could respect what you say about all the things and people I hate, I even agree with much of it. But taking such advice from someone who looks like they were shaken out of a Tolkein book means I can't take you seriously.
  9. Your own fucking fault. Greece. Spain. Portugal. Utter cuntling destinations full of 'why don't you serve chips' mongoloid gorilla cunts. Want to avoid flight spastics? Go to places the average lardy fucking douche can't find deep fried spud and daddy's sauce.
  10. His method acting consists of grimacing and lolling his head about, essentially, the symptoms of downs syndrome.
  11. This deformation adds to his mysterious fuckity-cuntness apparently, along with his psychopaths glare and not giving straightforward answers to straightforward questions.
  12. I wish this fuckity cunt, in a display of total dedication to his acting methodology and inhabiting the body of a mental patient, would take that Oscar and promptly beat himself to death with it. His cunt name is only bettered in terms of its tragic stupidity by the names he changed it from, Joaquin Phoenix Bottom (birth) and the artist formerly known as Leaf Phoenix.
  13. We used to have a name for men and women who complain about fucking bollocks like this . . . spastic-gay-talk. An all encompassing phrase for anyone crying about their diminished confidence and bemoaning failures in men. As a southerner, I agree the majority of it springs from London. Northern birds just don't give a fuck and a quick blast in the ass and a face plastering is an expected and welcome outcome for a Friday night. These precious little cunts should be beaten to death with frozen salmon.
  14. I met this douche at a publishing event in London. Asked me my name 3 times in a single hour. A right fucking truffle hunter, constantly at the buffet stacking various slices of weird posh shit on a plate. Fucking cunt. Met Gryff Rhys Jones at the same event, and he's an absolutely divvy cunt too.
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