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  1. If your going to drop those two in here You loose the structure of the original post. And you also deprive a whole subject of them in another post.
  2. This is not a thread to discuss her. It will muddy the water schofeilds new hobby. Dianne abbot deserves her own thread with david lammy.
  3. I guess your rite. I do only practice , when the missus wants some thing or lets me get away with it. Im fucking married with a kid so her ball and bat has well and truley heald over!! Like a sealions cheek. Sealed. Wiskery. And stinks of fish.
  4. No you cunt i was aligning my self to that of a doctor in the local gp.
  5. I hope it does encourage him. And he gets aids. That would litterally be the funnist thing about him.
  6. I see your point. I would also like to raise the king of the closet irons to this conversation. Sir cliff richard. Just counting down the days untill this sneaky sneaky botty plunderer proves me rite. I see your point. I think that all tv presenters should come out defending their hetrosexuality as it seems every cunt on the box or radio is a god dam fag. Not just a " yeah mate i like men but i fix cars like football and drink beer and love a good fight" propper lisping mincing faggots. Breaking news red has come out! As a fully practicing hetrosexual man. It would get the opposite reaction to coming out as Gay in the 50s on tv. The fag union lgbgt would burn me at the stake. The femenists would burn me at the stake. The blacks would burn me at the stake. Gretta cuntburg would burn me at the steak. Every cunt out their. Being a straight hetro white man makes you the enemy
  7. Red

    Steve Allen LBC 97.3 fm

    I am going to join this forum because of this. Steve allen is a bitchy playground jelouse little faggot who cunt off zlist people. If you dont like them dont read about them or watch them.I drive to work in silence rather than listen to his gay fuck collapsed mouth poof out his guff. Bring back aids.
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