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  1. The usual vacuous females (plus the gopher) on daytime TV, which Mrs H has on every fucking day, notably that row of dog-ugly loose pissflaps at lunchtime. The same cunts who used the word "gorgeous" and "in my life" (as if anyone else gives a shit about their ever-so-important-life).
  2. I've given this a lot of thought lately in my annual review of bedroom activities and the thought of fudgepacking Mrs H and leaving my cock decorated in last week's chicken korma still repulses me. However it seems to me the media are doing their best to normalise this repulsive activity to make the shirtlifter's peccadillo normal. What do you cunts think?
  3. David and Sally Abel you fucking cunts, you were crying and bleating for Richard Branson to wave his magic wand and be flown back to the UK at no cost to anyone to infect half the British population. Cunts of the first order. Keep them on the fucking ship another month for punishment and chuck their cunting phones overboard.
  4. What's wrong with eating mandarins?
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