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  1. What kind of faggy european name is "keir" anyway. I hope this guy gets hit by a truck and his remains sent back to his family in an adidas shoe box.
  2. atheist faggot. So its ok for you to tell kids about shite like dinosaurs, evolution, bendy oceans and space.
  3. I hope all liberals get aids or cancer.
  4. Bond is fucking dead to me. I honestly believe this 007 female film will be the lowest selling film since feminist ghostbusters.
  5. Daniel Craig is a piece of shit. They single handedly destroyed the franchise when they made James Bond turn in to James Blonde.
  6. I have no idea what this cunt is on about. People go to M&S because the food is significantly better and there's no massive queues with chavy cunts and their shitty kids.
  7. This thread is fake news spread by a closet faggot. Gods punishment is impossible to cure
  8. if they didnt enjoy rape then there's no way anyone could get their dick inside.
  9. For once I actually want the women to win the trial.
  10. I hope the kung flu kills as many old cunts and foreigners as possible
  11. Thank god for aids, and thank god for dead homo cunts
  12. I'd cave Sarah Cox's fucking head in, the cunt.
  13. Go buy an electric car already you faggot. I'd love for you to tell me which countries are actually warming up?
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