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  1. Monaco Slim

    Tyson Fury

    Tysons a great cunt and will box wilders head off tonight
  2. I came here for that premium cunt, brother!
  3. I'm so glad that President Trump is able to join us tonight
  4. Its baphomet worship the goal is to make everyone 1 gender. They do everything the complete opposite of what god says.
  5. Just another dumb person that should be sent back to Africa. White people don't owe you fuck all, we can call you whatever we like.
  6. Prepare your asshole for the carbon tax and the 1 child policy courtesy of tesla driving CUNTS like this
  7. #6 Abolishing welfare #7 No more **** #8 Bringing back game of thrones style bastard shaming. #9 Stop teaching bullshit like dinosaurs, evolution and space in schools, replace with the bible.
  8. This will never happen. Electric vehicles are garbage
  9. We wouldn't need them in the NHS in the first place if there wasn't 300,000+ of them coming every single year breaking the back of the NHS
  10. Glad this turd lost his job, now how about we deport him?
  11. they renamed the virus to stop offending chinese snowflakes
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