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  1. Is his 'n' hers matching hair a thing nowadays?
  2. Back in "the old days" one would have used an apostrophe in "I'll, not used a space in weren't and used an and not a before avatar (which starts with a vowel). The space between grammar and the comma is incorrect and there is no final full-stop. Apparently, one is, nowadays allowed to post without an avatar; this is something that has changed, unlike grammar. If you are unable to understand posts without pictures, perhaps you could ask someone else to explain.
  3. What is this "avatar" bollocks anyway?
  4. I already have all the facial hair that I have space for. I'm still trying to see why my last post "doesn't even make sense". Is this Cillian thing a wanker?
  5. If anyone does this where I die, I shall prove the existence of an afterlife by coming back and shoving them up their arse.
  6. I know a few ex-pats in the middle-east. Apparently Andrew was well thought of as a "trade ambassador"; he behaves exactly as the Arabs believe a prince should. Like an arsehole
  7. No. it wasn't that one, this was less stylised and more rounded. The demonstrators also looked as though they had had a wash recently.
  8. The other day I saw a procession of people wearing a largish circular black badge with an red hourglass on it. No-one had the faintest idea what it was all about. I couldn't even find a reference on Google. As they say: "You're either with us or you've never heard of us.".
  9. Sex-changes are last year's cause-celebre, Blacks are the current favourites; in a few months the protesting classes will be bored with that and another Big Injustice will take over... Animal rights, eco-nutters, CND.. Off we go around again.
  10. No real man would enter the kind of pub that sells wine.
  11. The usual term for having ones dreams and plans ruined is "growing up"; it happens to most of us, Covid-19 or not.
  12. The expansion of the British Empire was fuelled in part by Christian evangelism and supported and justified by the Church of England. Lets pull down the churches (many of them built with the profits of the slave trade). Ghandi thought Africans a sub-species and liked little girls, let's pull down the shrine in Tavistock Square and build a nice big 24h public toilet in its place. Nelson Mandela was a murderer. Who cares? History will be rewritten by the victors. There's no point in arguing with millennials; either they will win by outliving us or they'll grow up and lose their infantile Manichean certitude. How do the rioters feel about the African tribes on the west coast who went into the interior to capture the slaves in the first place? They were, by all accounts, much more brutal than the whites.
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