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  1. I walked in the woods for two hours yesterday, covered about three miles and didn't see anyone. Maybe they saw me first.
  2. Trump's managed so far with bullshit and bombast but he can't bully a virus, even the dimmest will see that. Surely?
  3. The NHS covid check list has boxes for male and female and instructions to ring them if you think you're "special". I wonder how many deluded prats will do that.
  4. He probably enjoyed that. Catholics like guilt, it validates their lives.
  5. I would imagine that your personality disorder stems from that; left-footers had the piss ripped out at any opportunity. Probably quite traumatic for them.
  6. Never heard of the twat. He was riding a tricycle. It'll be another year now before mummy lets him out on a big-boys' bike with stabilisers.
  7. Nice to see reasoned, well-informed opinion. Look out for Highly Deadly Black Tarantulas
  8. Rather over-simple really. There is not enough wiling labour in the UK to pick the produce and the British tax/welfare system is not conducive to seasonal part-time employment. By the time they are accommodated and paid, Eastern Europeans are no cheaper than Brits. They are just more reliable and work harder. EU workers have been a large part of our workforce in many areas other than agriculture: nursing/care, construction and transport spring to mind; sectors which would struggle without them. Farming is no different, the produce is still British no matter who picks it.
  9. In what way is this the fault of the farmers? How are they being two faced?
  10. Many of the more attractive towns are now infested with retired/downsized wankers and the original pubs sell only over-priced "gourmet" shite and expect the punters to dress smartly. We've even got pub theme- bars with stupid faux-naif names, ridiculous "artisan" beer and walls decorated with photos and trophies found at bootsales. The rest of the pubs are now "sports-bars" with massive tellys and lagered=up teenagers shouting over the noise. In many areas Wetherspoons is the closest thing to a proper pub, where you can have a reasonably priced pint and, as there's no piped music, you can hear what is being said and will, at least, know why the fight started. Pubs do not sell food, those establishments are called "restaurants".
  11. Mawkish, American-style "Thank-you for your service" crap.
  12. ...Your sperm's in the gutter and your love's in the sink.
  13. I hope she sticks to her principles and avoids any environmentally-damaging medical equipment and uses only fair-trade organic medicine.
  14. I hate to think what goes in the chalice. I believe some congregations use advocaat rather than wine for extra realism.
  15. That wasn't "ritual". Do you not believe in the physical presence of body and blood of your imaginary friend?
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