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  1. It's fine here. Stop fishing for invites
  2. Oscar fucking Wilde you mate. Probably banged up with him in Reading too I imagine, although the reference would probably pass over you pigshit thick skull. At least he wrote all his own words instead of ripping off what other internet cunts have already posted elsewhere.
  3. You seem to be only able to type in short sentences. Presumably texting on your bumhole prison Nokia 6650. Let's hope the other cunts find it while you're taking your monthly shower
  4. First in Classics from Trinity College Oxford, unlike you you plagiarising cunt Tu es cunnus. Spero quod planum facere non possem tibi cunnus non fraudantes So to speak.
  5. Fucking cunts who don't like to be called out on being top of the list of top fucking cunts. Don't like newcomers in your circle jerk bukakke party it seems. Couldn't even spell irony let alone understand it. Cuntwads
  6. Fuck me. A fucking Essex pikey. Give me the shotgun. I'll do it myself Cunt
  7. Ah you got me. Fuck it's a shame you won't give me a key to get out of your miserable little Wrexham hovel. At least my arse is safe from the sheep shaggers you invited around for your homo rape party as you can't even raise a fairy cake let alone a your cunting dick. Would be bearable if it wasn't for the whining cunting Welsh accent
  8. Nominate cunts who think they are big swinging dicks because of their post count on some anonymised internet forum; Internet Warriors with pencil dicks.
  9. You, roadkill and your boring little bumchums. Cunt off fuckwits
  10. Salute to you - it takes a real top cunt to plagiarise bits of internet articles and pass them of as your own cuntish words Published on 28th Feb and found elsewhere like Silver Linings News "Of all the places to be quarantined, a brothel in Valencia, Spain, might not be the worst. You've got booze, you've likely got a small buffet of fried foods and you've got entertainment. But in all seriousness, that was exactly the case a day ago when authorities found that a woman working at the "La Selva Negra" brothel had tested positive for coronavirus. The findings forced authorities to quarantine the premises and the 86 customers that were inside." Typically top Tory Cunting
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