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  1. Wasn't Coogan in a film last year portraying a greedy bastard? Oh yeah, it was called 'Greed' of all things. Yep, he's a grade A cunt. A lefty, fucking NIMBY wanker cunt.
  2. That's right, I'm ever so threatened.
  3. I got yet another reminder/threatening letter hand delivered this morning. It makes me glad to know the trouble and expense that Crapita have gone to over the last 5 years to keep trying to extort me into paying Libtard tax to champagne socialists. The letter resides in my collection with all the others, happy days. Bollocks.
  4. I don't care about previous noms, I'm too lazy to search so here's a cunting site for sparkle tits and the cuck prince. Enjoy: https://harrymarkle.wordpress.com/2020/05/07/archies-1st-birthday-promotional-video/
  5. Oooooooooh, golly gosh, a real femme fatale. Show us yer snatch again Bond girl.
  6. That story shows the insipid nature of the army command, doubtless set forward by the M.O.D. about showing respect to the dead. Fuck 'em, they behave like barbarians let them have their body parts scattered far and wide. Returning the bits for proper burial, get to fuck, wrap them in pig skins and stick a trotter up their arses.
  7. The simple answer to this malaise is stop watching the telly. MSM is overflowing with disinfo and rainbow poofery bullshit.
  8. I strongly disagree with this decision. Covid19, so we are informed by the hand wringers and Doreen fucking Lawrence, disproportionally affects the BAME's in which case mass gatherings such as this should be actively encouraged and hopefully, as an added bonus take out a large number of white rasta types and their rancid harridans for good measure.
  9. She's a remainer, namby pamby la-di-fucking-da dinner party holding yuppie pseudo hippy cunt. Her, her cuck husband and this government cock tugger will be against the wall in the 4th Reich. A touch of napalm and watch them dance.
  10. Auf Wiedersehen Pet, the finest character series ever. But then again, posted this in haste, I've no idea if it's available.
  11. Anyone who thinks it's alright for transvestites to read impressionable children stories about same sex marriage is a cunt,end of.
  12. From or with, there is a difference.
  13. Lycra outside of the professional competitive sphere is faggotry. Mow them down unless they're female, in which case, loiter.
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