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  1. Quite funny for you Stubby, but you should really up your game.
  2. £11 K...Yes that`s £11.000 to have my narrowboat painted..."Yes, but we strip it down to the bare steel, it takes 5 weeks". Fucking robbing cunts No doubt Punk...whatever his name is will make a comment, as will......
  3. Long story, Ill keep it short, as most of you cunts dont have much attention span. I live very close to a crematorium, three maybe four times a day there is always a courtage (sp) driving down my road. Today, there was a funeral, I was driving behind, of course I stopped to let the funeral party go through. The Indian lady thanked me so much for stopping...and then comes the total cun t behind me, who gave me some verbal abuse said I should have run them down. Of course I said nothing (just keeping my gob shut) Against my better judgement I got out of my car and shouted "Have some respect"...and then it kicked off....two of them got out of their car and tried to give me a hard time. Indian Lady shouted to her extended family what hgappened. Four of the biggest ugliest fuckers that you have ever seen, picked them up (literatly) put them in their car and told them to fuck off. Big bloke in charge thanked me very much. Just a Dit No doubt Spunkage will have a comment
  4. Sorry, Ill have to explain. Back in the old days, you were n`t allowed to post unless you had a avatar.. Bad spelling and grammar , was also frowned upon
  5. I love "talented artists" when they ride their dodgy mopeds too fast around any corner and end up as geography. The family of these cunts should be made to clean up the blood stained roads. Mop/Bucket/Sponge/ shovel. Why leave it to the NHS to clean up their brains/internal organs?
  6. I really must get a avatar, sorry my mistake. Sorry, Fuck Off. Drink bleach
  7. Shit reply...Doesn`t even make sense
  8. I love these cunts. As far as I see it, its free flowers. I just wish that they would die a couple of days before my Moms Birthday. I might put some oil and some carpet tacks on the road about the 19th January. Decent flowers only, none of youre Esso garage shit...Im not a cheapskate
  9. Cunts who put brass plates on park benches, "In Memory Of......." If these cunts supplied the bench they should be made to clean the bird shit off them. Cillian Murphy 1965- Who hated this park and every cunt in it.
  10. I couldn`t agree more, especially the "kick me in the bollocks" reference, which I willingly do.
  11. Its just cost the silly cunt 2 Grand because she didnt listen to me.
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