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  1. I like Will Young. There, I said it. I'm not ashamed.
  2. The disgraced fugitive ex King of Spain will probably land up living off of the British taxpayer with the other cunts, like the Constantines, with our Royal Family of Cunts.
  3. When a Nom stoops as low as this it deserves everything it gets thrown at it. But clearly it's just another opportunity for you to keep up your vendetta against myself. Stop wasting time and get back to the Nom or the Nominator. YOU ARE THE DERAILER.
  4. Beware of my sanitized barge pole young fella.
  5. I totally agree. Sadly I don't like golf. But tonight I'll borrow my neighbours'. Luckily all it takes is a shake! Dreamies! He he.
  6. You probably exercise your racism in a way beneficial to the ant heap we call Western Civilisation. O Wise One.
  7. There's a £10 limit. But your local Chicken Best should accommodate you on a fold up camping table next to the freezer.
  8. Seems what is unsaid is said in the same way Rumsfeld wrote what is known is unknown. Point taken. Trouble is I have so many (usually funny) things to say it's difficult to hold back. I thought the repurposing twin carburettors into Covid ventilators was a gem. But hey! That's Mike Brewer for you and the man needs defending. What's the point of having nominated cunts without a few defenders?
  9. ChildeHarold

    Mike Brewer

    Celebrations! What's your favourite - the one with two brown nuts?
  10. ChildeHarold

    Mike Brewer

    Try another corner of the playground... where the big boys have a crafty smoke.
  11. ChildeHarold

    Mike Brewer

    The reference to "Capri" immediately dates you to Minder and all that 3.5 "affordable" boy racer bollocks.
  12. ChildeHarold

    Mike Brewer

    Nice clean humour - the gloves a pleasing touch if velvet.
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