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  1. So, as a prediction, what steps do you see America taking to retaliate in the near future ? Aside from trade tariffs.
  2. What does an angry pepper do? It gets jalapeƱo your face.
  3. This could be the start of a golden age where Kanye gets all world leaders to express themselves by designing trainers and rapping, and the memory of war and conflict fade away, replaced by obsessions with reality TV shows and bling.
  4. Kanye West has announced his ambition to run for the presidency in the near future. Do you think he will be successful ? What policy changes and controversial decisions could we expect from president West ?
  5. Cover your heads and mock not flesh and blood
  6. The general consensus seems to be that Covid is a natural phenomenon, but there was a very strange moment when sir Richard Dearlove claimed to have proof that the virus had escaped from a lab. Has anyone else heard anything more on this topic ?
  7. ...can see no reasons'Cause there are no reasonsWhat reason do you need oh, woah oh ohhhhh
  8. Not quite everyone, Japan values the presence of American military as a partial counterbalance to an expansionist China, and also against Kim the wrongun, with his penchant for slinging missiles relatively close to Japan.
  9. I think that might be the ring tailed lemurs. I'm not a fan of chimps either, unpredictable, violent, nasty creatures.
  10. He was a go between who got too ambitious/desperate and overreached himself, tried to blackmail his old friends for some quick cash and found out the hard way how they deal with traitors.
  11. Some species of lemurs appear to "dance", but obviously that's us anthropomorphising them.
  12. When you say the Americans screwed the UK out of their empire, could you give some examples of this ?
  13. Okay, fair enough. China unfortunately seem to be trampling all over it at the moment. Illegal to protest, illegal to be in contact with "outside influences"... making it very hard for the " one country, two systems" approach to work very well going forward.
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