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  1. Actually, I'm more stoned than I am drunk. Tugging on a huge reefer as I type. No woman no cry, one love, buffalo soldier in da heart of America ........
  2. You're a fucking weirdo mate. Never in all my short life have I heard such a well laid out and concise load of drivel. Why don't you fuck off far away from this website and go and try your luck with university challenge. You're boring everyone on CC to death with your anthropological political bullshit. Honestly, you must be single and likely you're still a virgin cos I can't imagine any woman sticking around long enough for you to even finish a sentence, you sub-normal cunt. Best cuntingness BC
  3. Are you mentally retarded or just plane fucking thick as two short and fat stools of shit EofP?
  4. I meant stinky "gypo" as in the acronym for "get your pants off" (you absolute raging gay cunt of a cock sucking, sperm loving Camberwell gyppo). I trust this has cleared up any ambiguity in the choice of my spelling. Yours cuntingly. BC
  5. Cunt I am. Stupid i am not. Speak for yourself you stinky gypo.
  6. I accept you're like with pleasure. I still think you're a cunt conniving cunt though.
  7. mrjoshua, you are one seriously fucked up and perverse individual. I get the feeling youre an Arab of some sort, definitely a muslim and you have some sort of grudge against the good ol' U S of A. Take your wank nomination, print it out, roll it up into a ball and shove it deep inside your commie Muslim Arabic arse hole you stupid silly fuckwit of a cunt. Ps. Did I forget to mention your a complete lunatic of a cunt?
  8. Fucking eh. Davina the fucking nose McCall.
  9. OMFG. This is one fucking cunt of a step too far for reality style TV. I'm genuinely traumatised and disgusted, even somewhat ashamed by what I've just seen. A naked 20 something lady cunt with a bat tattoo where her minge would normally reside, refering to her snatch as her "bat cave". Guys with their little teeny cocks out standing totally butt naked in the hope some ugly cunt of a cunting minger monger will pick them as a date. I had heard of this programme before but never got round to watching it....... until tonight that is. It's a dating type show where the person looking for a date chooses who he/she will go on a date with by progressively seeing more of the contestants naked bodies and ruling them either in or out based on their body parts until they are completely naked. It's the most fucking awkward and embarrassingly dire quality TV programming I think I've ever come across. The cunt who presents it (no fucking idea who the cunt is), is also predictably an annoying cunt and has the most irritating voice and mannerism. If you've never seen this programme before you definitely need to watch it, if only for a few minutes. It will make you wonder what kind of sad and desperate cunt would go on to national TV and bare all in the hope of going on a date with an equally sad and desperate degenerate. I only watched about 5 minutes of it before I could take no more. Fuck Naked Attraction, what I need is a Fucking Distraction. Naked Attraction, you are the biggest cunt of all reality TV and i fucking detest you. You give Cunt Island and Take me out (you cunt) a proper run for its money. Bring back Cilla and the likes of Blind Date, classic old skool British TV if ever there was such a thing. Fuck off and die all of you cunts. Ttfn.
  10. Blunt Cunt

    Gary Lineker

    You took the literal words right out of my cunting foul mouth. Nice one KB
  11. Blunt Cunt

    Gary Lineker

    Proper cunt he is.
  12. Honestly. Come on fellas, you're all behaving like absolute cunts. It seems to me that there are a couple of cunts in particular on here that keep hijacking perfectly good cuntings to satisfy their desire to insult and belittle other cunters. STOP being CUNTS and Cunt up for cunts sake. I'm sick and tired of all the incestuous cunting. Cunts.
  13. Did I forget to mention you're a cunt. Sorry my memory doesn't serve me too well these days. I'll say it again for good measure, "you're a repugnant cunt".
  14. I fucking hate these adverts, give me the proper bollock ache they do. I mean what the fuck have Lexus got to do with anything and how the fuck are they "with you, getting you through together". I don't need a new cunting car and if I did it wouldnt be a fucking ridiculously overpriced piece of Japanese steel. I mean, seriously, who the fuck do they think they are, how will buying a Lexus help me get through this cunt pandemic bollocks. Fuck off Lexus and die a painful death. I hope you go fucking bust or worse yet you get bought out by Daewoo. Cunts.
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