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  1. You might be right about the Vaseline, Punkers, but I have my doubts about Serrano ham being on AD's shopping list ... perhaps a jumbo sized tin of spam or frankfurters?
  2. Actually, the preferred method of dental treatment in the castle involves a piece of string, a heavy wooden door and a sadistic Wizard. I fear he has dark motives for rendering the whole court toothless...
  3. Wizard's literally the last person in the Kingdom to prohibit a late night tipple. The man is permanently hungover. I mean, look at him: Like the lovechild of Victor Meldrew and Jimmy Hill.
  4. Did you ever do the pat-pat of your back pocket a la Asda adverts in the '80s? I am sure Punkape did (though possibly not his own back pocket...)
  5. I am indeed a secret lemonade drinker. What do you imagine Punkape drinks in secret?
  6. Definitely Soft Cell for Punky... I reckon he aspires to be the next Marc Almond:
  7. It's a bloody OUTRAGE that's what it is! This is just a thinly veiled attempt to disguise the fact that some utter bastard is producing "Queen Gwen Sex Dolls". The resemblance is undeniable: Obviously the royal Chromebook has been hacked - I am not sharing the images in question here because it will only raise Eric's blood pressure, but that doll's outfit is a carbon copy of the Queen's 2019 Benidorm beachware; symbolically this hairy neanderthal is ravashing my beloved Gwen. She will not be pleased.
  8. Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you. The particular piece I was tortured with many moons ago as an A Level student was "Der Kranke Mond" from "Pierrot Lunaire". I am not posting a link to it as even here, there are limits. Perhaps you'll understand my genuine incredulity that he is counted in the ranks of composer... The intro with the flute lulls you into a false sense of security that although it is shite, it is nicely performed shite. Then starts the singing...
  9. Also, this guy. I note Eric's general aversion to rap but this "musician" is in a special category of shite, all on his own. @Eric Cuntman, I would say to make a bee-line for this idiot when you take my...er King Frank's souped up chariot to do the you-know-what to the you-know-who ... but I'm afraid he died to get out of facing grand larcenry charges in 2013. Some people! I believe @Gronda Gronda's a fan.
  10. Anything by Arnold Schoenberg. How the hell ANYONE can call his stuff music is a mystery to me.
  11. 99% of the work of a conductor takes place long before you get to hear the performance and the sound of an unrehearsed orchestra ain't pretty. Without a conductor, particularly for new pieces of music, the orchestra simply would sound like a lot of individuals doing their best to fit in together, muscially speaking. Things like dynamics, tempo, pauses, etc. would be all over the place. Starting and finishing would be a real mess too. Having said that, conductors who conduct like they're having a fit are deserving of your comment. Some of the best I have perfomed with have been incredibly good at getting a great performance out of the musicians in a calm, reserved manner. rather than trying to "be" the perfomance. Also, conductors who think they are Gordon Ramsay can stick their batons up their arses. Good question.
  12. I shouldn't believe all he says about the shoes, Eric. I mean, consider Punkape and his golf. We know the truth.
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