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  1. As well as make cups of tea and sit around reading the newspaper.
  2. Why, were you planning on popping along dropping your bloomers and windmilling your horse cock at the police in protest? lol
  3. Are they those ones that jump sideways? Aren't they a favourite snack for Chimps? I hate chimps the utter bastards.
  4. For a moment there I thought you were talking about the recent BLM protests at Trafalgar Square.
  5. A load of old monkey(lol) and unmitigated ass gravy shat out of (Australia) in the same vein as Crab Rave and lauded by easily impressed shit weasels in the music industry and performed karaoke style by squeaky 12 year old american faggots on talent shows and by braindead youtube cunts. "like a monkey I've been dancing my whole life" Since when do monkeys dance you prick? Never once have I seen a David Attenborough documentary with dancing monkeys being the focal point
  6. I'm sure your pet Ferret already does that for you
  7. Correction Ape is shit Fuck off.
  8. Are you on some kind of drugs? Skyscrapercity is a forum not a game.
  9. Wtf is a monaco slim? It sounds like a condom brand for americans with small cocks. Fuck off you arse gravy drinking faggot.
  10. I just don't think it's our problem and it's probably not a wise move to start a war with the future sole superpower who we might need trade with after Brexit on behalf of a washed up USA who only looks out for itself, the yanks screwed us out of our empire in WWII well now they can lose theirs to China. Tough luck.
  11. Sure it's not like skyscrapercity.com has a whole section devoted to the UK with all the proposed and green lit projects as well as ones completed and in development.
  12. Erm no skyscrapers and large office buildings actually.
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