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  1. Yeah the only reason they're popular is because of entitled shit cunt yank arseholes who wank themselves off to anything japanese and the F&F films like you say. The thing is the cunts are only interested in the R34s not any of the other models, talking of which I remember about 20 years ago someone in my neighbourhood used to have a bayside blue R34 GTR parked in their driveway, pretty cool looking. Also like @King Billy said they've rocketed up in price. I remember about 5 years ago UK importers on eBay could get you a rust free practically brand new R34 GTR special edition from Japan for a mere £28'000 and I have a car magazine from the time that confirms it too. But last time I checked they were going for a ridiculous £78'000 which just isn't worth it, they weren't even that much when they were new. If I won the lottery I would buy up every R34 GTR in the world available so no dirty, fat greasy entitled septic tank arseholes could ever have one and laugh as they slit their wrists in anguish.
  2. Well thanks for the fascinating insight of a prolapsed arsehole I hope you end up floating face down naked in Michael Barrymore's swimming pool with a large candle sticking out of your arse.
  3. Yep he really is a total fucking melt and full of shit like we've both said, the thing is when he gets called out on his bullshit in the comments section by people who aren't gullible teenagers he turns into a big girl's blouse and blocks them and plays the victim 😂 I can't remember which one it is but in one of his videos he claims to chase after a car with Brummy gangsters in it who pulled a gun on him 🤣
  4. I have actually, I thought it was just clumsy Koalas or something though.
  5. Don't start know where to start with this thick, low I.Q, pikey piece of shit, deluded youtube fantasist from Birmingham who ponces around on camera pretending to be a 'Viking' and genuinely thinks he's the hardest man in the world. Has a youtube channel where every other video he makes is talking about fighting and how to maim people for his impressionable teenage chav scum fan base. Claims he has 'bitten people's faces off' and been to prison and ripped people apart blah blah blah the usual hard man fantasist bullshit Ponces around in his videos with illegal weapons like Katanas and large knives threatening to kill people Claims he's knocked out 4 bouncers at once on a stag night in Liverpool (yeah right) Claims to have had fights with dogs and bitten their ribs out (yeah right) All started because he couldn't take a bit of banter when he got trolled over Xbox live 6 years ago by some guy with a youtube channel in his 20's , has threatened to kill this guy this in recent videos and 'eat him'. A danger to society and should probably be locked up if there's even a smidgen of truth to his bullshit stories Anyway here's just one of hundreds of videos made by this total fucking prick:
  6. What's your take on this? Do you reckon it was true? https://cryptidz.fandom.com/wiki/Burrunjor
  7. Talking of Demolition Man have you noticed the real world is starting to mirror that film? All the LGBT tranny shit, vaguely racist or homophobic comedy being removed and expunged/redacted, statues being pulled down and whitewashed from history, faggots finding the slightest little thing to be offended about, thought police etc.
  8. Top stuff 😁 I recommend life in the cube without parole for ChildishHarolde! I read something about that being due to Taco Bell not being well known to the UK/european market so they changed it but they still show both versions on UK TV I think. I've noticed when they show Uncle Buck on TV before 9pm they cut entire scenes out completely, there was also something else I watched recently can't remember what but it bugged me that they had removed scenes due to a few sexual references 🤔 Or to play spot the whitey?
  9. Agreed but I was quoting Simon Phoenix again just before he picks that guy up and throws him through the glass museum display which is what most people would like to do to ChildHarold I'm sure!
  10. I wonder how much childharold weighs??
  11. Funnily enough that's exactly how I picture Punkape looks most nights, a camp bloke with a big fat sausage in his mouth and drool running off it...LOL.
  12. What seems to be your boggle citizen?
  13. Yes spud boy billy and stupid cunt really are a pair of pathetic, crawly, yank arse licking little twats aren't they? The septics could launch an attack on the UK or murder their children in front of them and that pair would still be here fisting each other over Donald trump and how amazing supposedly the yank scum are.
  14. A week or so back I was at the supermarket and spotted to my horror what was clearly a hairy hulking bloke in a dress with a woman's haircut with no sense of self awareness and obviously thought people would believe it was an actual woman, the dirty bastard was humming to itself in the fruit and veg section no doubt buying cucumbers and butternut squashes to shove up it's arse later. It wasn't wearing a mask either but luckily no one would want to come within 15 feet of it anyway. 🍆🤢
  15. Uncle Jimmy was a pillar of society and touched so many.
  16. The ferret racing? Have you stuck a pony on number 9 geezer?
  17. Yeah you must be rushed off your feet after getting furloughed from your job at Maccy D's and being on the dole. 😂
  18. You're used to getting 9 inch things hammered into you aren't you! I bet you have an arsehole like an old welly top 😂
  19. 9/11 was fucking great seeing a bunch of IRA funding, shit cunt americans jumping out of 1'400ft+ skyscrapers and ending up as a ketchup stains on the streets below 👍🏻 Boston marathon bombing was Brilliant too, a bunch of plastic paddy scum getting a taste of their own medicine!
  20. Took you 23 minutes to reply, well done dickhead. Were you busy wanking your pink shrimp cock off to a big framed photo of Donald trump on your bedroom wall in your stars and stripes pyjamas?
  21. The 'SPLOTCH' sound of a KY'd cock going up his arsehole is music to punkape's ears!
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