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  1. scotty

    Pseudo homeless beggars

    Fucking hell eavens, if that's the edited version I shudder to think how long the original was.
  2. scotty

    A Haunting In Norfolk

  3. scotty

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    I rest my case.
  4. scotty

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    Rat has become a shadow of the man who routinely described his auntie Vi making abortions out of marigold gloves and firing them at the luftwaffe. It's tragic really, nowadays all he ever leaves behind him is a collection of wanky fonts and the bitter whiff of disappointment.
  5. scotty


    I'm reporting the fucking lot of you for thread derailment, roops included. You bunch of cunts. ?
  6. scotty


    Oh, yes ?
  7. scotty


    .....but with even more total fucking cunts in it.
  8. scotty


    When the police arrested me for bestiality my girlfriend just stood and stared. Then she barked, wagged her tail and dropped her ball for the copper to throw.
  9. scotty


    I don't know if I'm for abortion or against it. I mean, I'm always up for killing the unborn, but on the other hand I don't like the thought of women being allowed a choice.
  10. scotty


    Now this is what the thread is for. ??
  11. Here we go again. Schizo pen and her gang of one....
  12. They're trying to get their own allocated runway at Munich Airport, but I doubt that'll get off the ground.
  13. scotty

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    Didn't roops whack him with the ban hammer?
  14. scotty

    Mums Net

    Hope is a wonderful thing. Misplaced hope is best avoided.
  15. scotty

    A Haunting In Norfolk

    Coffin'. Panzerknacker