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  1. scotty

    Cunts With Stretched Earlobes

    This spacktard could hold those rings over his eyes and do an impromptu elton john impression. But even that couldn't make him look any more of a cunt.
  2. scotty

    Christmas lunch cunts

    Yes indeed, lads. But I maintain I'm providing a necessary service, and have never claimed it was voluntary.
  3. scotty

    Christmas lunch cunts

    .....in my Harley Street days. Aah, memories....
  4. scotty

    Cunts With Stretched Earlobes

    I have no idea why these ridiculous cunts do this to their ears, but the sight of them turns my fucking stomach. Let's hope the earring hoop things turn out to be carcinogenic and sanity prevails.
  5. scotty

    Tom Daley getting married - Wow

    Arthur, I know it's protocol on here to avoid personal questions, but I'm going to to have to ask you to expand on this. Does she work for the Judy Garland fan club?
  6. scotty

    The meteoric rise of Ranesh Ramanathan and Richard Ayoade

    It doesn't matter how arthur spells his name neil, ranganathan is just as much of a cunt either way. I trust you aren't disputing that ?
  7. scotty

    Brexit Secretary

    Thank you, Germaine Greer.
  8. scotty

    Cunts who frequent gay nightclubs.

    These rapier thrusts of wit are giving you away punkers. Are you really Dorothy Parker? ?
  9. scotty

    Brexit Secretary

    Please desist.
  10. scotty

    May I strictly come dance in Africa.

    It's been the best part of a decade, why would you think it's going to improve now?
  11. scotty

    Brexit Secretary

    Consider it done, dapps. ?
  12. scotty

    ORAL B

    Come off it pen. 9 likes, and all from albert......why do you even bother any more?
  13. scotty

    Brexit Secretary

    I can reword it if you like punkers, add a few references to homosexuality and the catholic church, would that make it more palatable for you?
  14. scotty

    Brexit Secretary

    We are not bringing back john major.
  15. scotty

    Brexit Secretary

    Well, the immediate problem seems to be over. Apparently he's turned it down, perhaps even he recognises what a useless cunt he is.