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  1. Barbiturates and vodka, iirc.
  2. Probably not, but it certainly makes life simpler.
  3. True, but there's also some truth in the maxim that you get the politicians you deserve. I'd argue that the impending coronation of king boris is an inevitable consequence of our collective failure to agree on anyone decent.
  4. I've been banging on against the climate deniers for at least five years now drew, and I'm with the yank on this one. I've given up. He's summed up exactly the way I feel about it at this stage. It'll be interesting to see what boris the cunt has to say on the subject once he's duly installed as Chief Cunt of UK plc; will he follow his transatlantic buffoonalike into the denial camp, or will he actually try to do something about it? I suspect the former, given his denial of the obesity and diabetes epidemic sweeping our nation and his courting of Big Sugar in the name of profit.
  5. Barely. No, but they got me under pressure.
  6. Typical pikey, shift the blame...
  7. .....and as gypps demonstrates why the romanies are so rightly famed for their crystal ball based fortune-telling skills..... 😁😁
  8. Has he missed any, or is that a full house in applescruff bingo? 🤔
  9. In that case, you... Oh fuck it, I just cannot be fucking bothered.
  10. Overrated by whom exactly? It's been at least 5 years since he was treated with anything other than contempt or derision on here, regardless of his efforts to pretend otherwise.
  11. I'd never heard of it, but thanks to you and baws for alerting me to the film. I'll certainly get a copy to watch one quiet day when I need cheering up, judging by the title sequence it must have more belly laughs than the Airplane and Naked Gun franchises combined. 👍👍
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