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  1. scotty

    Hurricanes all over the fucking gaff.

    Schoolboy error, baws. If you'd promised him a bag of tesco value spuds he'd have been there like a a shot.
  2. scotty

    Dirty cunts who can't piss straight

    I seem to recall frank wearing white strides in one of his narcissistic photos. If anything, they made him look even more of a cunt than usual.
  3. scotty

    No Brexit deal 'will up fish and chip prices'

    Nothing says "naff" quite like a cheapo bike from halfords. Except possibly a moulton mini.
  4. scotty

    Kendrick Lamar

    Oh christ yes, I'd forgotten doggiebang. Never knew he was one of our darker brethren, he was alright as I recall.
  5. scotty

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    I would think Tom Daley might have something to say about that.
  6. scotty

    DIY cunt next door

    Perfect timing for just such a venture, alfie. They are currently repairing the M27 bridge near me, so lots of piles of rubble already there, holes dug etc, ripe for exploitation.
  7. scotty

    DIY cunt next door

    Sorry about that. Did I mention, I'm also getting a skip in on Thursday, it'll be here for a few months while I do some stuff around the house and garden so I'll need to park across your drive, is that ok? Cheers.
  8. scotty

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    ^^ how the fuck did I manage that ?
  9. scotty

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    Tom Daley. That's spelled Tom Daley, not Daily.
  10. scotty

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    If we keep up the Tom Daley references in this thread, really go for it, then perhaps we can boost it up the google rankings so when he searches his own name, (Tom Daley,) then Tom Daley might just happen upon this site.
  11. scotty

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    I reckon he's already a Corner regular. The only question is which username he's lurking behind.
  12. scotty


    "Would you like flies with that?"
  13. scotty

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    Harry and Meghan are the perfect couple. He's a ginger, and she's an anagram.
  14. scotty


    Be fair, that was one hell of a Monopoly set.
  15. scotty

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    Google "meghan markle chocolate sandwich" and see what happens.