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  1. You say that as if it were something new.
  2. Oh, I think you'll find that he is.
  3. Is it already Parody Day again? Blimey, that came round quickly.
  4. It's a common theme wiz, up there with "naked at school going into the final exam after neglecting to revise" scenario.
  5. That's a phrase you've used before eric, fess up 😁
  6. You've been vying for the position of worst on here for some time now, and you're making excellent headway against some strong contenders. I reckon a few more weeks and the crown will be nestling on your ridiculous swarthy scalp. Fuck off.
  7. "A cup of coffee. No froth." "No froth? This is an espresso coffee bar, you must have froth...." "I don't like froth. I want a cup of coffee, I don't want to wash my clothes in it." Hancock vs Fraser, 1961 https://youtu.be/XXRLoJQK8f0
  8. You've been around for such a long time now, or maybe I could leave you but I don't know how... and why should I be lonely every night when I can be with you, oh yes you make it right..... I liked MacColl's version of that as well.
  9. And Australia. Don't forget his ad-nauseam mantra of how he should have fucking stayed there, and quite frankly I'm in full agreement never having much liked the aussies. ( @southerncuntbeing the exception that proves the rule.)
  10. As Churchill once said.... "Oh, yes."
  11. If you absolutely have to address your superiors, you might at least try and quote the poster you're addressing. Cretin.
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