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  1. Might I suggest the medical profession? That offers all sorts of avenues for the budding serial killer to explore.
  2. Big Jock knows.
  3. Late to the party roops, baws did that one as soon as punkers slipped up. Predictably.
  4. This is what footballers refer to as the "New Manager Bounce".
  5. @judgetwi won't take kindly to your labelling him a remainer, MC. As to your comments regarding the rest of the users on here, other than decs and panzer I don't recall any sentiments backing remain. The corner is definitely a pro-brexit bastion, and you are preaching to the converted.
  6. So basically, just leave the Isle of Wight as it is then.
  7. I pitched exactly that script to MGM last year. Have I heard back from them? Have I, fuck. 😠😠😠😠
  8. Ah yes, Stephen Milligan, MP for Eastleigh. Went from Rising Star to Dead Pervert in a single, sordid evening. Top bloke. 👍👍
  9. I used to go fishing at Woodmill when I was a kid, but never caught any dead bodies. I feel cheated.
  10. scotty

    Asian Porn

    I can't say I've noticed this phenomenon wizz. My suspicion is that your, ahem, browsing habits are responsible for the stream of geishas and ladyboys infesting your pc.
  11. scotty

    Earthling Ed

    Certainly not. I'm no Richard Madeley, although I would quite like to give Judy Finnegan a fierce one.
  12. The voice of reason, killer. Consider it stolen.
  13. scotty

    Egg Boy

    Trust you to bring that up.
  14. scotty

    Egg Boy

    Loath as I am to link to the Hades that is facebook....... https://www.facebook.com/415609482188085/posts/675812026167828?sfns=mo
  15. scotty

    Dick Strawbridge

    No, that was a documentary about praying mantises.
  16. I have a theory that Big Boy was named by some trembling, sweaty-faced yank scientist while contemplating the enormous phallic object about to go off in his face with the mother of all bangs. Dr Strangelove was a cunt.
  17. Reported for subliminal paedo reference to Little Boy.
  18. That'll be the correct surgical term then, eric? 🤔 Just in case I ever find myself in conversation with a minge doctor?
  19. Coincidentally, he was a prize twat for most of the former part as well.
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