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  1. That was Glasgow, an award everyone reckoned would never be surpassed for irony until they gave it to Liverpool twenty years later.
  2. Cuntybaws


    I've got to admire your dedication. With most posters the honeymoon period wears off after a few weeks, maybe months, but you've kept it up consistently for a whole fucking decade.
  3. I'm not seeing what your actual problem is here, unless you're contending that the death rate still isn't nearly high enough?
  4. Cuntybaws


    I'm beginning to suspect that, much like the plot of "Speed", Pen simply HAS to keep posting at a certain rate otherwise her pacemaker will explode, or something. It's a pity that her content is more Father Dougal than Keanu Reeves.
  5. Luck's all part of the game, though, along with being credited with 6 runs after said ball when by the rules of the game it should only have been 5. Also, how a game that finished with the respective scores of 241/8 versus 241 all out ends up being decided on the number of boundaries, I'm fucked if I can understand. Fortunately, us Jocks know nothing about cricket, and are not at all horrified at the BBC being taken over by cricketing poofs for a few days. I'd still far rather you lot won the cricket than the women's world cup!
  6. Although it was on the “B” side of the “Stupid Fucking Cunt” EP which was only sold in Japan.
  7. Can you imagine Fred Perry playing Novak Djokovic? Fred lobs a gentlemanly serve lazily down the middle, only to have it returned straight into his face at roughly the speed of sound, the ball spinning viciously in eight different dimensions simultaneously. He’d be sorry he wore white for that match!
  8. It’s the end times, Frank. Keep your eyes peeled for a great red dragon and the whore of Babylon (and for once that doesn’t mean Gyps.)
  9. If Derek & Clive were still around today, they'd have to re-do the "Worst Job in the World" sketch to include "stuffing spermatozoa into Steph's fucking snatch".
  10. On a completely tangential note, I'd be most grateful if you never typed that particular phrase ever again. Thanks in advance.
  11. 21,447 Ironically, this would have reduced his like-to-post ratio from a dismal 0.21 to an almost-Pen-like 0.09.
  12. Chronology aside, that was also perhaps the worst example of multi-quoting I'd ever seen, and I was here for peak Ding.
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