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  1. Spoiler alert: Anna Torv's character turns out to be a lesbian.
  2. All he needs to do is slip into a little black dress, change his name to Britt, and all will be forgiven.
  3. "And now over to Meghan in California, who has apparently contracted both AIDS and COVID-19 simultaneously after a casting couch session gone terribly wrong". #MeToo, #FuckingSlag,
  4. A bit too tight for us well hung Hielan' laddies then, eh?
  5. Newham, eh? Are you sure he didn't say "mosque" rather than "morgue"? Autocorrect can be a cunt.
  6. Sick bags at the ready... Lily Allen admits she’s ‘tired and scared’ in coronavirus isolation with her two kids Lily Allen reveals heartbreaking moment daughter ‘panicked’ about coronavirus
  7. Sending that Heidi-looking cunt to her bedroom for 14 days was playing right into her aspie little hands.
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