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  1. David Cameron, the forgotten Cunt

    What does that actually leave, though? UKIP? The Monster Raving Loony Party? Surely Sinn Fein aren't going to put in an actual appearance? Mind you, at least if UKIP got in that arriviste slag Meghan Markle might be refused immigration status.
  2. 'shithole countries'

    You're pissing in the wind here, Quincy. Killer had a picture shown on Vision On once, and there's been no stopping him ever since. Fuck knows, I've tried.
  3. The Sandcastle Day School

    Apparently, God told them to have 13 children. Why is it always the stupidest fucks he speaks to?
  4. Pegasus Airlines new under sea flights

    They always coloured the Empire pink on the map back in the day. It's not the colour I'd have chosen, but nobody dared to pick a fight over it.
  5. Richard Osman

    The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one - but still...they come.
  6. Roops 2

    Haven't we already had the conversation about how this is a load of fucking shit? The fact that it's still better than anything Albert Toss has posted to date should not be viewed as any consolation.
  7. Richard Osman

    "In four billion years, the Sun will collapse but Voyager will still be travelling. It might be the only reminder we ever existed on this pale blue dot."
  8. People Who Talk About Ancestry

    Not long at all. And addressing the opportunity that everyone missed to the question of how it ended... the answer was "happily". I don't know why I bother.
  9. Richard Osman

    Check out "Brucey"'s post as quoted by Bubba on this thread on 05/06/16, nine days prior to the post referenced above. (Search engines won't find it, because the original post has been deleted. You just need a brain the size of a fucking planet to track it down.) http://www.cuntscorner.com/forums/topic/60663-decs-you-stupid-fucking-cunt/?tab=comments#comment-155720
  10. Online Petitions

    I thought it was all bollocks too Jigs, and now we've got a female Doctor Who.
  11. Richard Osman

    Don't apologise Decs, it's worth the risk.
  12. People Who Talk About Ancestry

    You have upset Mrs Baws with this nomination, and she says that she will make sure your own line stops right here by grinding your puny testicles to a fine powder between a couple of half bricks. She does love her family tree research, and one day I'm sure she'll find an ancestor who wasn't an in-bred crofter, and then her efforts will all have been worthwhile. At one point she actually demanded a DNA sample from me - I think you can guess how that ended!
  13. Nigel Farage

    Here's the Chinese steel you should be worried about. They've got fucking millions of them.