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  1. Cuntybaws

    Grindr racism

    Fucking BBC, you'll see less poofs at a San Francisco Gay Pride rally and less Muslims at Mecca. My own particular pet hate is the BBC News App which under "Top Stories" always has a fucking entry for "This weeks best pictures from Africa". I wouldn't mind if they took turns with Asia, Australia, the Americas, or fucking Antarctica, or even their beloved fucking Europe, but no, always fucking Africa. Couple this with endless features about why black hair is empowering, and how it's hard being disabled and black, and there's hardly any room left for a couple of reports about how there was a huge crowd of 12 schoolgirls at some women's sporting event that no one gives a flying fuck about, least of all women. Did I mention the poofs...?
  2. Cuntybaws

    Stormy Daniels

    Would ya fuck me for blow?
  3. Cuntybaws

    Useless scientists

    Thanks Ziggy.
  4. Cuntybaws

    Useless scientists

    Vorsprung durch arbeit?
  5. Cuntybaws

    Pseudo homeless beggars

    Are you sure it's not all of them? They're no Anal Cunt, that's for sure.
  6. Cuntybaws


    Get three coffins ready. PS I know it's not from the same film, Bubba, so fuck off.
  7. Cuntybaws


    The last vestiges of Frank's dignity.
  8. Cuntybaws

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    Also, despite looking like that fucking Octomum, she maintains she's not pregnant and claims it's just a pot belly. If so it's some fucking pot, love, more like a cauldron. Has anyone ever seen Steph and Gary O'Donoghue in the same room together?
  9. Cuntybaws

    Steph McGovern of BBC Breakfast

    This truly fucking awful cunt has just been on the BBC lunchtime news "interviewing" Polish immigrants. The Polish immigrants had infinitely better English, and looked a lot less like David Walliams after a car crash. I genuinely can't believe that any licence payers' money is directed to this vapid bint at all, let alone on an equal basis.
  10. Cuntybaws

    social decline

    It's not an "either/or" thing.
  11. Cuntybaws

    social decline

  12. Cuntybaws

    social decline

    Unlike Withers, my keyboard doesn't have a c├ędille. Er, fuck.
  13. Cuntybaws

    social decline

    Ca Plane Pour Moi - in fact.
  14. Cuntybaws

    social decline

    This cunt's toast now.
  15. Cuntybaws


    You're getting fucking well crucified here @Frank, what's the plan?