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  1. Cuntybaws

    Reach Out

    Predicted responses to this thread (mine aside): Pen: "Thanks for reaching out, Ape" Gyps: "I'll be there" Neil: "Fuck off!"
  2. Cuntybaws

    Reach Out

    Are you sure they didn't say reach around? As in...
  3. How did they even know the kid was missing? Based on observational evidence there's usually dozens of them in every van, and most of the cunts can't count past five. And Newport Pagnell? Who gives a fuck! It's hardly "Home Alone 2: Lost in New York".
  4. Yes, you really need to look out for those all-knowing super-spy cyber bastards, you never know when one of the cunts might pop up and make your browser history public.
  5. All true, but if you can't mock dead families from the relative safety of literally half a world away, what's he fucking point of this place? We're the land that taste forgot.
  6. Fucking hell, I'm out of likes, sorry. It's not often that happens these days!
  7. For one thing they piss everywhere, all the time. They'll piss on YOU, deliberately. Even my kid's rabbit was smart enough not to piss on people who were holding it, and it was a fucking moron. Slightly more on topic, I agree with this nomination, but it should have "Australian" removed from the title. There are plenty of other cunts who deserve to be culled by nature for building their houses in stupid places, not least Californians, and anybody from Cumbernauld.
  8. We had a teacher called Mr Smellie. "It's pronounced SMILEY", he'd roar, at regular intervals. "Phew, who farted?", we'd reply. Happy days.
  9. Very true, and looking back the presenters I detested as a child were all white. That cunt Shari Lewis for one, and I never warmed to Yoffy out of "Fingerbobs" either. I'm off now to listen to the theme tune from "Tales of the Riverbank" while the nostalgia lasts.
  10. Sounds like she got a Nollywood script writer to do her bio... She is the author of 'Doing Business in Africa: Perception vs Reality'. She has a decade of experience facilitating effective decision making to deliver key mandates, brokering strong alliances and cultivating productive relationships to influence and shape outcomes, and demonstrating leadership and mentoring qualities that drive forward developments within respective areas of responsibility.
  11. I bow to your obvious experience in the matter.
  12. Cuntybaws

    Darts equality

    They obviously, and understandably, mistook her for a bloke. That face certainly rings a Belle.
  13. "...as I catch falling cans of baked beans on toast"?
  14. Did you ever see him during his stint with Stiff Little Fingers? I want their version of "Smithers-Jones" played at Frank's funeral.
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