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  1. These latest strikes are a predatory paedophile's dream. Not allowed within 500 yards of a school? Just pick off a straggler from the nearest protest march, sorted. Also, harsh as it may sound, the inbred denizens of Vanuata aren't really going to be that much of a loss to humanity, now are they?
  2. Oh, it's better than that - it's a LATINA-Jewish princess. The bookies have already stopped taking bets on Maria Finkelstein.
  3. Cuntybaws

    Ivan Gurga

    What the fuck's that monstrosity he's driving in the picture? Have we found the cunt that nicked @Monumental cunt's ride at last?
  4. Cuntybaws

    They/Them cunts

    For the benefit of any newcomers. and for auld lang syne, here's the link to that mini-meltdown from 2016. (@Pete did you know Killer once asked me if my avatar was one of the Insane Clown Posse?)
  5. Cuntybaws

    They/Them cunts

    Ah, fuck, those were the days. You and Eric posting at a rate that an infinite number of Petes with an infinite number of typewriters could only dream of.
  6. Cuntybaws

    They/Them cunts

    My posts contain delicately crafted layers of subtle irony that you’re simply not meant to understand.
  7. Not nearly as gay as Scaramanga's!
  8. Cuntybaws

    They/Them cunts

    You mean, less is more?
  9. Cuntybaws

    Gina Miller

    Don't get me wrong, I can see several down sides to "crashing out without a deal", but I would willingly endure any and all Yellowhammer catastrophes (up to and including a full-blown zombie apocalypse) just to laugh myself shitless at the look on this fucking cunt's face when it happened.
  10. Cuntybaws

    Gina Miller

    Careful now, remember the trouble I got into over the clapping monkey!
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