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  1. Cuntybaws

    My left foot.

    I noticed there was no mention of "Fatha" anywhere in the report. He probably fucked off out of it at the earliest opportunity, ashamed of what his bad seed had produced. Either that, or she ate him post-copulation.
  2. Cuntybaws

    Kendrick Lamar

    "Did you hear that accent?" "Yeah, wasn't no regular white boy!"
  3. Cuntybaws

    Hurricanes all over the fucking gaff.

    I had to buy my own fucking pint in the end, in the face of Panzy's deafening silence. On a semi-related note, I always choose lager when in Dublin, because I enjoy the look of puppy-dog sadness in the barman's eyes when you don't order a pint of their shitty Guinness. Although, as most bar staff these days seem to be eastern European, that game has somewhat lost its lustre of late.
  4. Cuntybaws

    My left foot.

    I'm pretty sure that young Adam knows fuck all about these - or indeed any - proceedings, and I further doubt he'd know the difference if you just kicked him off Beachy Head in a Zorb. At least you could clean the shit out of the Zorb afterwards easily and cheaply with a hose.
  5. Cuntybaws

    Hurricanes all over the fucking gaff.

    Hey @Panzerknacker, you bog trotting thicko, I find myself unexpectedly overnighting in a shithole hotel in Dublin airport. Why don't you get in your serial killer van and get down here to buy me a fucking pint?
  6. Cuntybaws

    Kendrick Lamar

    Do you remember Doggybang, with the Brian from Family Guy avatar, or was that before your time? He was the last-but-one pigshit Manc thicko on here, and as black as the ace of spades. In my defence, I didn't know he was black when I wittily told him, "Down, boy!"
  7. Cuntybaws


  8. Cuntybaws

    Internets 'Wild West' laws.

    If Tom Daley chanced upon this site, I'd be thoroughly disappointed if he didn't feel bullied.
  9. Cuntybaws

    People who will not be watching the royal wedding

    An absent black father - who'd have thought it?
  10. Cuntybaws

    Death Penalty

    30 previous convictions for driving without a licence or insurance, released from prison 6 days earlier, and driving at twice the speed limit while off his face on drugs. They then assaulted members of the public who tried to stop them as they tried to flee the scene. All that, and sentenced to just 9 years and 6 months respectively for this. It's the fucking Judge who deserves the death penalty.
  11. Cuntybaws

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    He broke the Punkape rule by derailing Jiggery's "Super" topic (sarcasm intended) and - more importantly - pissing off Mrs Roops. The ban length doubles each time - one more and the cunt's gone until Xmas.
  12. Cuntybaws

    Obese cunts in New Look

    Just imagine the horrific alternative. Instead of paying the extra for the size 28, the repulsive hose beasts might buy the cheaper size 16 and somehow squeeze their blancmange-like bulges into that instead. I feel sick just thinking about it.
  13. Cuntybaws

    The Mutation Of The Left.

    That's closer to the mark than you might imagine. Hamiltonian mathematics is the most brain-fuckingly awful thing I've ever done, and I've done a shitload of brain-fuckingly awful things.
  14. Cuntybaws

    Chinese Medicines (again)

    Doubly sad, as that happens to be your species, you fucking thicko.
  15. Cuntybaws

    People who bag up dog shit and then tie it to a tree

    What's all this with the matey acronyms already? Watch out, "WB", I suspect you're being groomed here.