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  1. Statistically speaking, there’s a good chance they’ll eat their own fucking shotgun when they finally get where they’re going, which I hold as some slight consolation.
  2. Are you related to H.R. Pufnstuf?
  3. Cuntybaws

    Tyson Fury

    If ever someone actually did have mental issues, it’s this poorly assembled bag of jumbled chromosomes. Well, him and Caroline Flack...
  4. I do actually agree with this, in principle, although there is a time and a place for it. Self preservation generally stops me from going full “Rex Kramer” on my occasional sorties through Brixton, for example.
  5. I always got her confused with Jocelyn Bell Burnell, which led to several embarrassing moments back in the eighties. I only found out later why my exceedingly risqué pulsar joke went down like a fart in a spacesuit.
  6. You said that Northerners were all wonderful people, in an attempt to goad Decimus. I replied that some cunt always has to take things too far.
  7. Although it's best to try not to, when you really think about it, that's why poofs deserve our contempt. Women, gawd bless 'em, have evolved over thousands of generations to enjoy the warm splash of semen on their faces and tits, whereas men have a visceral disgust at the very thought. Poofs, on the other hand, seek out and drink the stuff in public toilets. Fucking freaks.
  8. Cuntybaws


    Is this the thread for racist toys? Image Deleted
  9. My favourite "headline" from among the reports so far is "Schofield and the Gopher".
  10. A while back I submitted a scholarly follow up to the Gaia hypothesis which for some reason went unpublished after peer review. In it I speculated that Mother Earth’s homeostatic response to a soaring global population would be to turn the genetically inferior into raging arse bandits. Well who’s laughing now, you Nobel Prize Committee wankers?
  11. Cuntybaws

    Tom Kerridge

    Are you a chicken tikka masala fan, then, Ruby? Or do you prefer "meat and two veg"?
  12. Less botting, more chuffing. It's not fucking rocket science.
  13. Heather O'Rourke did indeed die, which was sad. She didn't even have a chance to come out as LGBTQIA first, or be molested by Harvey Weinstein, things that the more recent generations of child actors take for granted.
  14. This had better be a fucking wind up, you avaterless arriviste.
  15. When I was a lad it was the RE teachers you had to watch out for in the toilets, male or female. For someone who hates sin, God certainly allocated plenty of it to those cunts.
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