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  1. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    If longevity and reinvention are the measure of success then Neil Young is ten times the artist Bowie was. Buffalo Springfield were fucking about with choppy time signatures and unnecessary augmented/diminished chords long before Bowie got on board that train. I think we can agree that there are flaws in this argument.
  2. Cuntybaws

    Elon Musk

    Dagnabbit, Muskie.
  3. If she likes frothy Kir that much, why not force down a few dozen punnets of blackberries and masturbate vigorously all over her face several hours later. If she says "Aaaaaaaaggghh..." to that, post it on Vimeo. If she doesn't, kick her cunt in.
  4. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    I never liked The Style Council one little bit; but I could say the same for Tin Machine.
  5. I've just reported myself, to save time later.
  6. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    Sssh, Scotty, I'm playing "Debating Society 101" with 'eavans here, he just hasn't realised it yet.
  7. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    You're not wrong, especially as two of Bowie's number ones (that's 40%) were collaborations where he rode on someone else's coattails. On the down side, he bears sole responsibility for "The Laughing Gnome".
  8. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    Bowie had five UK number ones in a career spanning decades. The Jam had four in just a couple of years. Incontrovertible proof that The Jam were miles fucking better than that boss-eyed bastard Bowie.
  9. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    And the small fame that you've acquired Has brought you into cult status But to me you're still a collector.
  10. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    And Biffy Clyro - don't forget Biffy fucking Clyro.
  11. Cuntybaws

    Toss pot hypocrites.

    Appearance aside (I'd rather not look at the repulsive cuntslug before eating) I'm at a loss to explain how he ever sells any records. I find his compositions dull, dirge-like and repetitive, and lyrically banal in the extreme. That's not counting the tunes he steals from other people, the plagiarising fucking cunt. And yet, his mewling, toneless voice is omnipresent in Mrs Baws' car. I've threatened to divorce her over this, but she called my bluff in a similar "Mumford & Sons" scenario a year or so back, and she knows I can't be arsed training up another wife at this point.
  12. Cuntybaws

    Shape of things to come

    With lyrics for the hard of thinking...
  13. Cuntybaws

    Shape of things to come

    He also said, "None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."