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  1. Fisting butter. Thumbs in first.
  2. Cuntybaws


    God's perfect idiot.
  3. Would I be correct in deducing that your last blow job was some time ago?
  4. I trust some sensible moderator is actually going to remove the Wog*n references at some point before I, er I mean, before someone tips them off in return for a share of their seven figure defamation settlement?
  5. Fucking hell, I didn't even see that comment in among all the usual tangential dross. And don't worry, I've given it a retrospective "like", you shameless fucking whore.
  6. Cuntybaws


    Best headline ever.
  7. Cuntybaws

    Aldi dykes

    2013, the good old days. http://adturds.co.uk/2013/09/02/natwest-cashback-advert-gay-2013/
  8. The bar just hit the floor. Jesus cunting Christ on the motherfucking cross!
  9. "Cunts who do the Monroes" - Is this a sly dig at JFK? I suppose it must be, given that the minor Caledonian hillocks are actually called "Munros". It's either that or Pen has, once again, fallen at the first hurdle, which I find hard to believe because fuck knows she's had enough practice.
  10. Cuntybaws


    Apparently it's all VAR's fault that Scotland had to come home early too, although to be fair, that's hardly a new tournament experience for the Jocks. On a semi-related note, does the Scotland women's team have a nickname? "Jocks" somehow doesn't seem all that appropriate, on several levels.
  11. Old Scottish saying: "If you can see the hills, it's going to rain. If you can't see the hills, it's already raining." It's a line from "Thelma & Louise" delivered, as it happens, from the middle of a plain in Utah which is probably flatter than Norfolk.
  12. I'm not sure what you're getting at here, but I don't care for your tone. Should I pretend to have a boat?
  13. Yes, 9441 in just under five years, as opposed to 4371 in less than one year. Sometimes more is less.
  14. That and a token will get me on the subway, as New Yorkers of a certain age say. I see you're up to 4371 posts now.
  15. Does anybody know where this cunt was when Maddie disappeared? He looks the sort who likes tapas.
  16. Cuntybaws


    These are the cunts in question: Tom Penn and Eve Leigh, both supposedly writers although they appear to be neither prolific nor accomplished.. Leigh has previously boasted about "giving Boris the finger" because she is an ardent remainer, although she is actually American. In fact, she was described by one interviewer as an 'American Leftist Buddhist Jewish playwright.' Paging @ratcum to the main board...
  17. ...and monkeys might fly out of my butt!
  18. Let’s look at the statistics. The Corner’s epitome of flood-posting banality has churned out 4347 posts since last July, a rate of around 12 per day. Salty’s currently running at over 16 per day. Scientific proof, if any were required, that Americans are 33% more boring than Pen.
  19. Phwoar, I'd fuck that! As it happens, one of my first ever nominations was Honey Boo Boo - long gone, now.
  20. Jerry Sadowitz makes Frankie Boyle look like a choirboy, but they keep taking his stuff down from YouTube.
  21. The Morlocks to our Eloi.
  22. The teachers in my day seemed oblivious to the subtle clues of child abuse, such as bruises, black eyes, rickets, and the occasional broken limb. I don't fancy their chances at detecting radicalisation.
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